RUDN Mass Communication Experts to Conduct One-Week Professional Intensive Course in Africa

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Leading experts from the Centre for Continuing Professional Education of the Philological Faculty, RUDN University, Russia- Associate Professor Natalia Poplavskaya, Dr. Natalia Ivanova, and Dr. Mustapha Muhammad Jamiu – are set to embark on a transformative journey through six cities in Nigeria and Ghana, making a significant contribution to the advancement of intercultural communication.

The upcoming one-week professional intensive course program promises to delve into the nuances of contemporary ideas, methodologies, and procedures critical for communicators, managers, and professionals navigating the digital age’s complexities.

The course, which has been rigorously crafted to address the ever-changing landscape of intercultural communication, serves as a beacon for communicators, managers, and professionals attempting to traverse the complexity of the modern world.

The modules reveal a curriculum rich in relevance, with topics such as “Communication, Culture, and Technology” and “Understanding Intercultural Communication from Different Perspectives.”
Participants will be subjected to a thorough examination of local news media as they move into the core of the course.

The program seeks to be a catalyst for the growth of community journalism as a burgeoning field of study in the digital age by delving into the complexities of newspaper management technology and community relations, as well as by dissecting business-related operations, such as editorial advertising and circulation.

This ambitious project not only demonstrates the Centre for Continuing Professional Education of the Philological Faculty at RUDN’s dedication to knowledge-fostering, but it also establishes the course as a crucial platform for professionals who want to stay up to date with the always shifting dynamics in the field of intercultural communication.

As the expedition progresses across Ghanaian and Nigerian cities in partnership with leading universities such as Kwara State University (Nigeria), University of Lagos(Nigeria), Regent University(Ghana), and Wakanda Media(Nigeria).

The center is set to permanently alter the professional education scene and mold the future generation of leaders and communicators.

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