Sheikh Afonta’s death great loss to the world- APC scribe

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Sheikh Afonta; Exit of A Great Cleric

The death of a foremost Islamic cleric and teacher, Sheikh Abdul Wahab Banni Afonta has been described as a huge loss to the Muslim Ummah in Osogbo, Osun State, and the Muslim World.

The National Secretary of the All Progressives Congress, Senator Ajibola Basiru stated this in a statement over the demise of the Imam.

Senator Basiru who was a student of the Islamic teacher and cleric said he received the news of the passage of Sheikh Afonta with utmost shock since information has it that Sheikh was hale and hearty, attending Islamic programmes till death came calling.

“I cut my teeth in Arabic and Islamic studies from Sheikh Afonta. My father who wanted me to be versed in Islamic knowledge took me to Sheikh for tutelage.”

“Sheikh Banni Afonta was an Islamic scholar with a difference. He was as ascetic as humble, dedicated to the ideals of the Sufi order, and committed to teaching and preaching of Islaam.”

Senator Ajibola Basiru said he had no choice but to accept the will of Allaah over the death of his Sheikh who was dear to him.

“Sheikh Banni Afonta was a respected and respectable Islamic cleric who commanded the respect of other clerics. He lay low but lived high in the heart of his students and numerous admirers.”

“I pray Allaah to overlook his shortcomings and admit him to Al Jannah Firdaus.”.

The late Sheikh Abdul Wahab Banni Afonta, a native of Ilorin, Kwara State, made Osogbo his base and contributed largely to the growth of Islaam in Osun and beyond.

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