Foreign based Lecturer sheds light on higher education in Russia

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A Senior Lecturer at the Department of Mass Communication, RUDN University, Russia, Dr Mustapha Muhammed Jamiu has highlighted the benefits of obtaining higher education in foreign land and in Russia particularly.

The scholar who is Nigerian born is reputed for his regular programmes in local communities in his home country where he shares his knowledge and experience of the international higher educational system and his personal insights gained over the years in Ghana where he obtained his first degree and in Russia where he obtained three postgraduate degrees including a Ph.D.

Dr. Mustapha who is currently part of a team of faculty members of his University who are on a week-long intensive professional training for media professionals in Nigeria and Ghana, revealed during an interview at a state owned media house that studying abroad is generally a transformative experience, because travelling is a medium of education in itself. He stated that, “More than 50-70% of our educational process occurs outside the classroom or the specific location you travel to—it’s about the people you meet.”

Dr Mustapha noted that there is no room for lazyness while studying abroad and said that one must make extraordinary efforts to thrive in a foreign environment. He encouraged Nigerian students to be prepared to fight for their goals and urged them to maintain patriotism and remember their roots, irrespective of their destination.

The don also pointed out key factors contributing to the success of foreign universities, and emphasised the importance of a conducive environment and the practical implementation of knowledge.

Using examples like RUDN University where he is based and other technological universities, he averred that they are institutions which are actively involved in city improvement, provide real-world applications from student projects, leading to job opportunities upon graduation.

While acknowledging the efforts of Kwara State, Dr Mustapha urged the government to encourage civil servants to address inadequacies in the system by enhancing existing systems to further improve the quality of higher education in the state.


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