Funfare as Idiat hooks Ambali

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It was a gathering  of rapture with full of funfare  on Saturday,  21st of April, 2018 when Idiat Bidemi Yusuf and Ambali Ayodeji Tairu drew people from far and near to share with them a moment of happiness, ecstasy  and bliss on their wedding day.
The well attended wedding ceremony  took place at the Internatinal Tobacco Company (ITC) event center, off Ajase-Ipo road,  Ilorin, the Kwara State capital.
The event actually caught the attention of the ‘highprofile’ and is worth reporting.
Idiat and Ambali’s holy solemnization was  a perfect in all its details. The stunning couple are wonderful match and their true love is evident in the photography elegantly and professionally captured by one of the bride’s close friends, Mariam Onaolapo, who made herself and her gadgets available for the capturing of the every bit of steps taken by the celebrants on that auspicious and propitious occasion.
To the bride,  the long awaited day, which is a dream of every young lady including man, finally come to pass. She looked breathtaking on her day. As a matter of fact,  it was an incredible special moment in her life.
The groom, who is a gentle and an easygoing handsome young man is very lucky to have penetrated the heart of the bride and found a central stage therein. The matrimonial union is never a mismatch and the attitudinal dispositions of the couple according to the reports garnered from those close to them suggest that both are not only fit as a couple but also God sent partners.
 Wedding ceremony in all known human societies is characterized by some features of which this wedding between Idiat and Ambali was not an exception. The spiritual fathers played their parts at the inception of the programmes while the entertainers took over the stage shortly after the Nikkah and began to entertain participants with jokes and riddles.
In his lecture at the event, an Ilorin-based Islamic cleric, Ustaz Muhammad Solihu Arowolo admonished couples to live together with fear of Allah and allow true love to radiate in their union so as to have an enduring peaceful and blissful married life.
He described marriage as a life long experience that must be held tenaciously with the fear of God in the interest of peaceful and harmonious relationship.
The cleric made this known in his sermon at the wedding ceremony between Yusuf Bidemi Idiat and Ambali Ayodeji Tairu held on Saturday (April 21, 2018) at Internatinal Tobacco Compaby (ITC) event center,
Ustaz Arowolo said some couples do not see fear of Allah as seedbeds of their relationship thereby encountering myraid of domestic crises which subsequently snowballed into divorce.
The cleric affirmed that any union that uses fear of Allah as a compass that guides their daily life, such union will experience peaceful living and such marriage will have a fruitful result.
Arowolo therefore advised the newly married couple to live together with an open mind and see themselves as two entities that have now become a single entity.
He said crises and misunderstandings are utterly impossible in marriage but urged the new couple to always settle matters within themselves amicably without the inteferance of the third party so as to have an everlasting happy married life.
The event was attended by eminent personalities across the state, the hall was filled to the brim just as food and drinks were served liberaly as everyone ate satisfactorily.
The intermittent release of various musics  being played by the D J  couple with the amazing and scintillating performances displayed by some invited reputable artiste  did not give room for dulling moment as the event was bulblling as long as it lasted
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