Election: Call for INEC chair’s resignation inordinate- Comrade Aremu

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Director General, Michael Imoudu National Institute for Labour Studies (MINILS), Comrade Issa Aremu mni has said the call from some quarters for the resignation of the Chairman Independent National Electoral Commission  (INEC), Prof. Mahmod Yakubu is  inconsistent with the spirit of sportsmanship.

The MINILS DG also expressed optimism that the postponement of the state elections to 18th of March 2023 would yield positive results, hoping that it would give the INEC ample time to fully prepare for the task ahead.

He disclosed this on Sunday (March 12, 2023) in Ilorin on the sideline of a special prayer he organised in his house. 

L-R: Comrade Issa Aremu, Alhaji Oba Ajikobi and Alhaji Najeem Yasin during the prayer on Sunday

“The idea of calling for the resignation of INEC chairman, prosecution of INEC officials is not really consistent with the statesmanship that we expect or sportsmanship. Whatever the case maybe let INEC conduct elections. If there are perceived  shortcomings, we already have the process to resolve them through election tribunal.

“It is a bit painful that we had to postpone the election, but it is better late than never, and it is what INEC has done before. Every postponement is always complemented with successful elections, and this one will be like that.  So all of us have to cooperate with INEC”.

“We have confidence in INEC because it is the only umpire that is statutorily charged to conduct election, ” he added.

Comrade Aremu, however, expressed confidence that the Peesident-Elect, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu would justify the confidence reposed in him by Nigerians.

“His records show that he is very well capable, so Nigerians  have high expectations and I have no doubt that the way he had not betrayed the expectations of Nigerians throughout the campaigns so will he be able to deliver on his promises.” 

“At the risk of being misunderstood,  he was the first to raise concern about the cashless policy despite  that some mischievous people were saying that it was as if he was supporting the governors, but he was just voicing the aspirations of Nigerians and I’m happy that in the presidential broadcast of President Muhammadu Buhari he also recognised the concerns of the citizens. So when you have a President-Elect that is tested and trusted with his running mate, Senator Kashim Shettima,  I have no doubt that expectations would be met, ” Aremu said.

Cross section of clerics

Aremu said  the President-Elect who  told the youth that he heard them loud and clear, in his acceptance speech, assured that all youth related issues would be adequately addressed.

“Even where the President-Elect lost in Lagos to Peter Obi during the Presidential election he said  that is the way of democracy.  That expectation has been met because a different candidate would have said no, it is his entitlement to win in Lagos but you don’t win all in a democracy, you win some you lose some but at end of the day what is important is that Nigeria must win, democracy must win.

“I have no doubt that the Prasident-Elect will meet the expectations of Nigerians but it is a two-way thing, the citizens too must also do their side of the bargain,  the way we voted him that is the way we must give him  the support to fix the lights,  electricity,  road, and address all the challenges in place”.

He explained that the international observers, international community have seen the need for us to support the process, saying that everybody has congratulated him; including organised private sectors business communities, EU, America and many others, pointing out that Nigerians should also support the process to the logical conclusion

“I’m optimistic that the President-Elect will consolidate on the existing gains that we have recorded and the gains we have also recorded during President Muhammadu Buhari. 

Aremu therefore congratulated President Muhammadu Buhari for keeping abiding faith in a democratic process, saying that unlike President Olusegun Obasanjo, who was allegedly pushed for  third term despite economic challenges. 

He said President Buhari kept faith that January 25th was sacrosanct  and he kept that faith, adding that he also signed the Electoral Act which has become the legal framework for these elections. 

“At the risk of being misunderstood, he also showed that he is fair to all even to the point that some people are saying mischievously he wasn’t supporting a candidate of his party,  that is statesmanship. 

“I want to commend the President Buhari for being a beneficiary of democratic process and he is also leaving us with democratic process that is richer than the way he met it” he added.

Comerade Aremu saluted all the contestants of all the parties for coming up with an interest to serve their father land, saying that Nigeria is blessed with quality people.

“I’m really proud of all of them. It shows that Nigeria is not short of candidates,  our problem is choice. All the 18 political parties fielded candidates at all levels, males and  females, that is highly commendable and that is the sign of statesmanship so Nigeria is not short of statesmen and women but we have to see this to the logical end” he added.

Present at the prayer were eminent personalities including Alhaji Najeem Usman Yasin, Alhaji Oba Ajikobi, and many more,  while the special prayer was led by Sheikh Sulaiman Sidiq Olayimika Kasandubu.

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