COVID-19: Helpgate foundation organizes sensitization programme

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By Faidat Bello

As part of its social responsibility, Helpgate Foundation has organized a sensitization program for it’s beneficiaries of the relief support packages to educate them on how to keep themselves safe. 

However, in addition to the sensitization program, relief support packages were also distributed to over 50 beneficiaries in attendance.

Unlike the two other distributions where relief packages were handed to the beneficiaries, the distribution exercise held on 8th and 15th of May, 2020 including a talk show on how they can stay safe during  this period.

The  Chief Executive Officer (C.E.O) of the foundation, Pastor (Mrs) Temitope Emovon explained that the major reason for changing the modality was to reduce the risk of spreading the virus and at the same time obey the directives of the NCDC during distribution. 

“The reasons we have to change the modalities is because we are also conscious of the epidemic and the contagious nature of the disease. We also want to comply with every rule of the NCDC and make sure that we are not exposed” she explained.

She further explained that another reason  was to give the beneficiaries who might be depressed or frustrated get succor to show that someone cares for them. 

“our bringing them here also give them some form of comfort that at least somebody cares… So all these things give us room to do our little in counseling and giving other form of therapy that is just beyond the food that we share with them” she states.

Mrs Emovon on corporate organizations to partner with the N.G.O so that it can continue to distribute more relief packages to the less privileged as the foundation still has the intention of doing so.

One of the regular beneficiaries of the daily Soup Kitchen, Prince Wokoma described the lockdown period as ‘hell’ as things had become unbearable for him and his family coupled with the closure of the Soup Kitchen due to the Federal Government’s directives. He called on the government to do a proper distribution of the palliatives so it can get to the common man.

The facilitators stressed on the need for the beneficiaries to maintain a social distancing of 6feet between them and others and in addition to social distancing they should always use their nose masks as they were not allowed into the premises without using the nose mask. They were also encouraged to practice proper hygiene and regular washing of their hands. 

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