Dr Kankawi proffers solution to Covid 19

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Dr Uthman Idrees Kankawi of Department of Arabic, Faculty of Arts, Universiity of Ilorin has identified fervent prayers and total submission to the instructions of constituted authority as potent antidotes for the prevention of coronavirus pandemic.

Dr Kankawi disclosed this on Friday (March 20, 2020) in his lecture at the Kobiowu Central Mosque, Awolowo road, off Pipeline road, Tanke area, Ikorin, the Kwara state capital.

He maintained that all diseases are treatable, pointing out that God says there are 1000 medications for every disease.

Kankawi who is the Imam of the Mosque described the outbrake of Coronavirus as a warning signal from God, saying that the outbrake of the virus was not unconnected with our misdeeds and inhuman treatments in the socciety.

Dr Kankawi explained that nothing is happening in this world without the knowledge of the Lord, saying that God is using the virus to prove His supernatural power over all His creatures.

Congregation at Kobiowu Central Mosque last Friday

He said the virus can be contained with power of prayers, adding that similar diseases and agonising situations had happened to earlier human beings on earth when their misbehaviour got to the peak before God eventually showed mercy on them.

The don also appealed to people to comply with all medical advice and follow the instructions of health personnel to further halt the spread of Covid 19 in the country and beyond.

Dr Kankawi particularlly urged the Federal government to strengthen it’s surveillance system in boundaries of the country particularly the airports and at the land border to prevent influx of people into the country.

According to him, Islam as a religion is very clear about movement of people anytime there endemic, saying that it is unIslamic for people leave or go into the community where there is outbrake of diseases.

He commended the Federal and state governments for the directives on schools lockdown including some social gathering, and described the directive as in line with the Islamic point of view.

Dr Kankawi called on government to use the money approved for the prevention of Covid 19 prudently so that the medical personnel who will be having direct contact with suspects of the virus are protected.


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