History and Biography of Late Dr. Yusuf Maitama Sule, Danmasanin Kano  

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Dr Yusuf Maitama Sule Danmasanin Kano was born in the year 1929, that’s about 88 years ago in Yola quarters, Kano city. Maitama is the third child in his family, younger to his sisters Rabi, who was nicknamed Yaya ta Zagi and Maimuna who was nicknamed by Yaya ta Bichi.

He was named Yusuf, after father of traditional title holder of Madaki of Kano Mahmudu, the Madaki used to refer to him as Abbana. He got the name Maitama beacause of traditional title holder Galadima of Kano Yusuf, because many crude weapons were used during Kano civil war of that time. Because of this every child named after Yusuf was nicknamed Maitama in Kano kingdom.

The Madaki of Kano made father of Maitama, Abba Sule Danmuri, his caretaker and in charge of feeding and caring for his horses. Maitama, is 4 years at birth when his mother Hauwa, who was nicknamed ‘Yarkayi died. She was endowed by God a comedian, entertainer and never can find her in state of bad mood, this was the reason she was occasionally invited to grace every occasion with her eloquent speech, her eloquence is what Maitama inherited.

Madaki of Kano enrolled Maitama in elementary shool at Shahuci in January, 1937, but before they were taken to Western education, they were already undergoing Qur’anic education at home. According to the rules, one must make four years in elementary school, but because of Maitamas outstanding intelligence within two years of entrance, he was permited to take examination to further school. It’s in that instance Maitama started facing challenges he never faced in his lifetime.

For it’s in this joint Madaki Mahmudu, who takes his personal responsibilities died in the year 1939. The throne of Madaki was deserted, for two years, no one was enthroned, until the year 1941.

Now Maitamas responsibilities has fully fallen back to his father Abba Sule, who at that time can’t meet them. There was a time Abba Sule, sold off all his belongings which includes his clothes to take care of his children respondibilities, at times they rely on empty stomach for supper. The day they managed to find something to eat they ate rosted cassava and slept off.

At last Maitama entered Middle school in Kano, at this juncture too Maitama faced another challenge were he don’t have any wearing clothes of his own, his school uniform is all the wear he has.

In the year 1943 Maitama entered Kaduna collage, at ripe age of 13. Maitama, finished his collage in 1948, he got teaching job at Middle school in Kano.

Maitama and other contestants were nominated along side his former teacher at school, Malam Aminu Kano, this election take place in Central Office in the year 1954.

When the result was out, the result was that Maitama won the election. When that was announced Late Malam Aminu Kano, turned to Maitama, “I am congratulating you, it’s up to you to choose to push us to the wall.” Maitama replied to Aminu Kano, “Yallabai true to God, I will never push you to the wall.”

They holds eachothers hands walking along, they first meet Late Ado Bayero, who grasp Maitama by hand, advanced to their supporters, and said they have won the election.

Yusufu Maitama is holder of traditional title Danmasanin kano, the chief custodian of history of Kano and Kano hausas. Maitama was celebrated all over Nigeria, Africa Aand the world at large and he is among African most respected statesmen.
The positions he holds includes Minister, Ambassador and being one of most respected eldermen in North and Nigeria as a whole.

He departed to join his ancestors today July 3 2017 at one hospital in Cairo, Egypt. He died of a heart related disease.

Late Yusuf Maitama left to mourn by his wife, 10 children and many grandchildren and great grandchildren, among the children four are males, while six females.



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