Wedding engagement, reception unislamic- Ahmed

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The rising waves of wedding engagement and reception that common among Muslims in our contemporary society have been described as frivolous activities that lack scriptural evidences in Islam.

A founding member of the Federation of Muslim Women Association in Nigeria (FOMWAN) Dr (Mrs) Aminat Ahmed disclosed this on Sunday (July 21, 2019) during an Education Summit organised by Kwara FOMWAN held at the association’s hall, Fate road, Ilorin, the Kwara state capital.

She strongly condemned the act, saying that the idea is alien to Islam and has no traces in Islamic religion.

Ahmed, who is the former Commissioner for Tertiary Institutions in Kwara state, said the idea of performing wedding ceremony with wedding gown and other mode of dressing that are in vogue today is a blind imitation that has no textual evidence in Islam.

She attributed waywardness that rampant among young ladies and boys in the country to the failure of parents to perform their duties as expected of them as first and most important agent of socialisation.

“Don’t blame teachers, don’t blame community, parents, especially mothers should be blamed. Majority of parents do not even care to teach their children how to perform abulution let alone Al-Solat or other good Islamic practices as enunciated in the glorious Quran and Hadith.

“Most parents are always thinking of how to make money only, they don’t cater for the upkeep and Islamic moral training for their children.

“All artificial hair, artificial eye lashes , artificial nails, and artificial breasts are all useless. The acts have now become order of the day among Muslim ladies and women. They have forgotten that everybody will be accountable for whatever he/she did on this Earth on the day of resurrection”

The former Commissioner, who is a founding member of the FOMWAN and first Secretary of Abuja branch of the association, said the rationale behind the formation of FOMWAN about 33 years ago was to serve a correction mechanism for some Muslim sisters who decided to marry people from other religion just because of their flamboyant wedding programmes or ordinary worldly materials.


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