Lockdown: Why many Nigerians in a state of agony

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As Coronavirus pandemic continues to spread with it’s attendant implications on health and economic statuses of the country, Nigerians have been called upon to imbibe culture of saving in order to mitigate the effect of this lingering viral disease called Covid 19.

A Political Scientist, Mr Abdulkadir Oba-Awola made the call while exchanging views with journalists in Ilorin, the Kwara State capital.

Oba-Awola attributed lack of saving culture and planning by most Nigerians to the outcry against stay at home directive of both state and federal governments as a step to combat further spread of coronavorus in the country.

 According to him, if  Nigerians had  imbibed the spirit of saving for exigency like the current stay at home policy, it would have saved them from hunger and any other forms of agonising situation many people are passing through during this trying period.

Mr Oba Awola explained that had it being  civil servants, transporters and artisans saved for the raining day, the lockdown should not have caught them unaware for the period of fourteen days deadline directive.

He also pointed out that many people spend beyond their earnings which usually resorts to inadequacy of salaries and emoluments before or after month end.

The Ibadan based Political Scientist noted that living from hand to mouth without saving habit and proper planning could lead to financial constraints and observed that they would not be tired of being at home if they have financial independence to meet their needs through out the lockdown period.

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