I don’t need to wear a political toga before empowering my people-Ex-lawmaker

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By Olusola Hammed

A former member of the House of Representatives, represented Irepo/Oorelope/Olorunsogo Federal Constituency at the green chamber of the National Assembly in Abuja,
Hon. Bosun George Oladele has pledged his continuous philantropic act to his people irrespective of weather he holds political office or not.

He said it has been his passion and driven wheel to help the less privileged in his constituency by making life more meaningful to them through empowerment of youth, provision of social amenities and identifying himself with them at the time of needs.

Hon. Bosun who made this assertion during a chat with men of pen profession at his country home in Igbeti, Olorunsogo Local Government Area of Oyo State over the weekend stated that he had been extending his hand of fellowship to the people even before he became the lawmaker.

The former law maker said, “I will continue to deliver dividends of democracy to my people irrespective of my present position, I will continue to empower my people and create jobs for our teaming unemployed youths, connect them with necessary federal government agencies for employment opportunities so that we can rid our society of hoodlums and criminals.

“It is when youths of any society are gainfully employed and meaningfully engaged that we can have a peaceful society devoid of incesant fracas and trouble making” he said.

Hon. Bosun while in the National Assembly and was also a member of ECOWAS Parliament said his local government of Olorunsogo alone has about one hundred and nine (109) villages as men and women from the areas were empowered during the weekend with not less than twenty women getting freezers to start petty trades and about five men got empowered with tricycles to make their daily livings.

He said the gesture was to alleviate their poor leaving conditions and they too will be able to provide for their families without looking up to someone’s hand.

The former ECOWAS parliamentarian also made it known that farmers in his constituency will not be left behind.

In his words, “I have initiated a farmers’ cooperative which I am also a member because I also want to go into full time farming which will bring me close to my people. This coorperative will be able to access federal government loans, farming equipments and grants for farmers. If we are able to achieve this, it will go a long way at curbbing poverty not only in Oyo State but Nigeria at large because we will produce grains and other consumable agricultural products in excess and supply to other parts of the country and create jobs for the youth”.

While responding to questions on party issues before the last general election in the state he said, “APC’s situation in Oyo State in the past election had showed us the path way to run our party administration.

“We have to reconcile, regroup and leave together in peace as big one family. We must also learn to accommodate other people:s view and not trying to boss all party members all the time”.

On his next political move, the one time commission for information in Oyo State said he left that to God Almighty for now and said he will decide soon.

He also said he is ready to extend his hand of support to the younger generations in the party especially his kinsmen and followers to come on board with fresh ideas to move the local government to a higher level.

He added, “I am ready to support any of my followers to vie for the chairmanship position in the local government to serve our people better whenever the state government is ready to conduct the election”.

While commenting on the appointment of caretaker chairmen for local governments by state governors the lawer turn politician said the act is unconstitutional and should be totally rejected by all concerned.

He said the issue is not peculiar to a state or a particular party so all Nigerians must speak against what he tagged evil act against the people by the state governors across the country. Nigeria can not move forward with this dastard act and Nigerians must reject it in its totality and esure constitution is being adhered to strictly.

While reacting to the issue of single currency within the ECOWAS countries which will be called ECO and its immediate and long term effects on Nigeria’s Naira, the former ECOWAS parliamentarian expressed his support for the move and cleared people of any negative effect on Naira. He said Nigerian government under President Muhammadu Buhari will not engage in any international agreement/policy that will negatively affects our currency and or economy.

He stated that ECO coming to the circulation will not in anyway affects Naira because Naira will still be a tender for transaction in the country. He explained further, “The ECO will only make transactions more easy and stress free when citizens of ECOWAS member countries visits another neighbouring/ECOWAS member country. ECO will be a means of transaction in these situations”.

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