Government urged to authorize use of traditional medicines in hospitals

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Nigerian Government has been called upon to come up with a legislation that will authorise and legalise the use of traditional medicine in the hospitals just as it is obtainable in orthodox medicine.

The President of African Traditional Religion and Medicine Practitioners of Nigeria, Aare Awoyemi Abimbola Oloriwwo made the call in Ilorin, the kwara state capital during an interview with journalists.

The association also pledged its continued prayers and spiritual supports for the production of kindhearted leaders that will have the love of the people at hearts in 2019 general elections.

Oloriawo also called for a robust collaboration between practitioners of orthodox and unorthodox medicines for possible production of more active and effective medicines in the country.

Oloriawo who is also the Aare of ‘Isese Agbaye’, said traditional medicine remains the most effective means of curing all forms of ailments using only leaves and roots as ingredients.

The president regretted that previous governments in Nigeria have neglected herbal medicine despite its efficacy when it comes to natural way of curing all manner of ailments and spiritual attacks.

Aare Oloriawo added that the inclusion of traditional worshipers in the scheme of things in Nigeria will balance the three legs of religions upon the country stands.

Speaking on the forthcoming election in the country, Oloriawo said his members do not have a preferred candidates, saying the association is voluntarily offering prayers for God to choose leaders that will turn around the lives of people through execution of various people oriented programmes and projects.

Meanwhile, as the 2019 general elections are fast approaching, the association has also pledged its continued prayers and spiritual for the production of kindhearted leaders that will have the love of the people at hearts.

The association also condemned, in a vehement term, the high rate of political thugs who have turned themselves into willing tools in the hands of politicians to achieve their selfish interest at the expense of common goal of the society.

The President said none of his members will be found wanting of producing destructive herbal medicine either for these thugs or politicians in the country.

According to him, all our members across the country are known for working towards attaining societal development through prayers, voluntary sacrifice and other related traditional power.

Oloriawo pointed out that any traditional herbal producer that is found guilty of conspiring either with politicians or thugs to harm one group of people or party against another, is not a true member of the association, noted that the etiquette of their religion frowns at such act, and the culprit will be dealt with accordingly.

He was confident that no member of his association will do that because they have are fully aware of the consequences and spiritual punishment from God that awaits such culprit.

Oloriawo added that his members had engaged and still engaging in various spiritual assistance and sacrifice in order to have a peaceful and prosperous nation before, during and after the forthcoming general election.

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