Kwara 2019: Mashood Mustapha breaks silence, read his comment about Saraki

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A gubernatorial aspirant on the platform of All Progressives Congress (APC) in Kwara State, Honourable Mashood Mustapha has strongly denied the rumour making around that he is serving as Senator Bukola Saraki’s mole in APC.

Mustapha said in a vehement term that he was never a mole to Saraki and can never be such, arguing that he himself has suffered plethoral of persecutions from the Sarakite simply because he stands aloof from their fold.

Mustapha dropped this revelation on Monday in Ilorin during his public declaration of intent to vy for governorship seat in the state come 2019 election.

“For those who say I am a Senator Bukola Saraki’s mole in APC , I want you to search your hearts deeply and ask yourself if a mole bears the kind ofpersecution I suffered in the hands of the Sarakites.

I also want you to sincerely ask yourselves if a mole can openly criticize the policies of the incubent government in kwara state and also take a position when some opportunists attempted to exhume our defunct nPDP platform to derail the president and his admnistration through the formation of an illegal and irresponsible Reformed APC”, Mustapha lamented.

He added “It is on record that virually all politicians in Kwara state have had one form of relationship or the other with the Sarakis’ until political fifferences tear them aprt. Mine is not an exception; my dad, Alhaji Usman Mustapha (the Wali of Ilorin) and the late Dr Olusola Saraki were political associates and this relatiinship rubbed off on the children”

I worked for Senator Bukola Saraki right from when he became the governor of kwara state up till when he became the Senate President and I carried my duties diligently and effectively . But I had to quit after all efforts to allow for internal democracy failed and I could no longer cope with the way he imposes his decision on others. I have a mind of my own and I cannot be a puppet to anyone” Mustapha added.

Mustapha declared that the time has come in kwara where citizens’ affairs will not be in the hand of an individual, stressing that he is a proponent of fairness and equity.

Speaking about his vision and mission statements for kwara, Mustapha pledged to create a kwara that works for all irrespective of tribe, gender, religion and political affiliations, and promised to drive sustainable economic development, inclusive government, poverty alleviation and wealth creation.

“My political, legislative and business experience will be utilized to strategically reposition kwara state in the socio-economic and pokitical spheres” he promised.

The Director General of Mashood Mustapha Campaign Organisation, Alhaji Abdulraheem Adedoyin pledged that Mashood mustapha will run a people driven admnistration if he is given the governorship mandate in 2019.

The public declaration which held at Arca Santa event hall, Ilorin was attnded by bigwigs politicians in the state among whom are Alhaji Abdulganiyy Cook Olododo, Alhaji Baba Podo, Alhaji Baba Baako, Honourable Wahab Opakunle, Alhaji Yinka Aluko among others.

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