FG told to review status of Islamic Studies

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A professor of Islamic Studies at the Department of Religions, University of Ilorin, Professor Yahaya Oyewole Imam has appealed to the Federal Government to revert Islamic Studies to its former status as a core subject in view of its unquestionable roles in shaping people’s lives.

Restoring the status of the subject according to Imam, would  go a long way in instilling appropriate morality in the youth and help school age children grow to become useful adults that will take the country out of  the several immoralities that have enveloped it.

These are parts of the recommendations of Professor Imam during his inaugural lecture held on Thursday, 9th of November, 2017 at the University of Ilorin main auditorium.

Imam who delivered the 175th inaugural lecture of the University of Ilorin also  called on teachers and students of Islamic studies to be more proactive at all times and ensure that they contribute meaningfully among their peers without any complexities.

The don said it is high time the 60:40 ratio of Science to Liberal Arts be reviewed as envisioned by the NPE, adding that the review was necessary because a technologically advanced Nigeria devoid of decency will be counter -productive.

Imam encouraged Islamic scholars to take portents from other professionals who not only express the desire that their children take after them professionally, but ensure their training in that direction by encouraging some of their children to specialise in Islamic studies or related fields.

He added that concerted efforts should be made by government and non-governmental agencies to implement recommendations made in their sponsored projects as well as other relevant researches.

Professor Imam whose lecture was entitled “In the Service of God and Humanity” said Islamic studies is a potent tool to solve social and spiritual problems and a vehicle through which social order, social cohesion, prosperity, unity, brotherhood, and peaceful eco-existence can be attained.

He however admitted that there is a misconception about Islamic Studies as regards the prospect of the subject, saying that those who study the subject with utmost attention and unwavering commitment know and explore the beauty of the subject and its resourcefulness.

Professor Imam affirmed that Islamic Studies provides the learners ample opportunity to offer  good service to people and engage in those activities that will guarantee the actors a free ticket to paradise.

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