Comrade Aremu urges media practitioners to emulate NDA-Isaiah’s developmental journalism

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Nigerian media practitioners have been urged to rededicate  themselves to the task of nation building through objective and constructive reporting  as a mark of tribute to the legacy of the late Chairman and publisher of LEADERSHIP Newspaper, Sam Nda-Isaiah.

Speaking on the sidelines of the fift remembrance prayer for his late wife, HAdjia Hamdalat Aremu, Comrade Aremu in Ilorin on Sunday (December 13, 2020) said despite his  partisanship and political involvement, the late publisher was “measured and positively committed” to nation building through objective commentaries. 

Mr Nda-Isaiah died in Abuja on Friday night, after a brief illness.

He observed that the editorial comments of leadership newspaper under Nda-Isaiah  amplified the strengths of Nigeria even as they offered current  suggestions to overcome challenges.  

Comrade Aremu said at the time it was fashionable to make “nation bashing” banal headlines, Leadership opted for what he called “nation building journalism”’ as envisaged by the Constitution with emphasis on governance accountability and accurate information dissemination. 

 The frontline labour leader said the current security and health challenges facing the country called for “ solidarity journalism“ which he said should not unwittingly glorify  the atrocities of dew shadowy bandits and criminals but should rally all Nigerians for peace and sustainable development. 

“That was what Nda-Isaia stood for: patriotism. “I recall leadership editorial on Nigeria at 60. Not few wrote Nigeria off, but leadership hailed uninterrupted 21 years of democracy while calling on the nation to deliver on promises of development.” he said.

Comrade Aremu called for bipartisan inclusive governance to curtail poverty and insurgency adding that “winners take all mean winners carry all the insurmountable problems “.

He therefore urged President Muhamadu Buhari to mobilize across parties and classes for development and against banditry.

 “If we operate separately my fear is that we would be embarrassed separately as we are by border less criminals of varying types, so we need partnership and cooperation as a nation more than ever before” he observed.

While appreciating large turn out of relatives and friends for the fift year remembrance prayer of his late elder wife, Comrade Aremu said it was good to be good because “ good deeds  outlive deaths of good people. We thank God my late wife was counted on the side of all that was good.”


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