Hajj 2024: Don’t shut yourself on the foot

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By, Abubakar Jiddah Usman

Last week, the Kaduna State government inaugurated an eight man Committee, supposedly, for smooth 2024 Hajj exercise.

The Committee which was inaugurated on the 29th November, 2023 as part of the government’s strategic efforts, whatever that means!!!, was said to have been mandated to focus on meticulous planning, logistical arrangements and effective communication to address any challenges that might arise.

In another breath it was said the Committee was to review last year’s Hajj exercise with a view to proffering solutions to problems, if any, encountered by the State Pilgrims during the last year Hajj rites.

Allah Knows best, but one wonders, of what essence is the committee to upcoming Hajj exercise, if it were just to review last Hajj and its hiccups, in view of its just stone throw away from the next exercise.

Again one wonders whether the present handlers have been relieved of their positions or not. Certainly if they were it wouldn’t have raised eyebrows as government can hire and fire at will, particularly when anyone coming onto power is at liberty to change and or appoint any person of choice, since governance in Nigeria is long being based on whims and caprices of whoever calls the shot.
On the other hand, if those running the affairs of Hajj at pilgrims agency have not been relieved of their assignments, then can this Committee be another version of Amirul Hajj team!!!? If yes, this is certainly alien, as such drainpipe teams in the past have never been saddled with the responsibilities assigned to this Committee.
Forming and inaugurating this Committee speaks volumes about the dire envy, cutthroat, do or die and no love lost tussle and or competition that goes on within the Hajj handlers themselves and those without who always would want to take over, or at least have the last say, if they cannot take over completely.

One fears that, if not properly handled, Kaduna State outing this year would have alot to say and worry about. But we wait and see.

Unfortunately, there are believe in some quarters that the Committee was set up to either give dog a bad name to hang it, or some persons somewhere; somehow want to lord it over others because of their believe that they are now in a position to do and undo, even if it’s at the expense of the pilgrims. This is sad, as it is equally unfortunate.
The government should not shut itself on the foot, by swallowing hook, line and sinker, whatever someone would propose, or say to it about Hajj.
Not even the Saudis have ever executed a perfectly hitch free Hajj exercise, as each year’s operation comes with its peculiar challenges.

That’s why the Saudis are always on monitoring, documentation, research and planning, year-in-year-out, to improve, but certainly not to have a perfect Hajj exercise, as perfectness is the Prerogative of our Creator. Of course, dereliction of duty should not be condoned, just as selfishness, self-centeredness and greed should be condemned and should not be allowed any breathing space.
However, one keeps his fingers crossed to observe how things unfold, but certainly this arrangement being contemplated is a good example of recipe for chaos. Allah Shi kyauta!

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