29 yr-old Man suffering from schizophrenia kills wife,child

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Tyler Young, a 29-year-old father battling schizophrenia, committed a horrific murder-suicide, taking the lives of his wife, 24-year-old Skylar Young, their four-month-old son, Bandin Young, and Skylar’s nine-year-old daughter, Angel Isaac. The tragic event unfolded in their home on East 9th Street in Lorain, Ohio.

Police were alerted to the scene at 10 am on Monday, responding to reports of loose dogs in the vicinity. Upon arrival, they discovered the lifeless bodies, each succumbing to gunshot wounds. The preliminary investigation indicates that Tyler Young found dead with a 9mm firearm nearby, was the perpetrator in this devastating murder-suicide.

The Lorain police lieutenant, Jacob Morris, revealed that the tragedy likely occurred between 1 am and 10 am on Sunday, with no reported gunshots in the area during that time.

Tyler Young’s struggles with schizophrenia were known to his family, who described him as “fighting demons in his mind.” Earlier this year, Tyler faced domestic abuse charges, initiated by Skylar, who alleged he had assaulted her while she was 26 weeks pregnant. Although Skylar later withdrew her statement, Tyler’s battles with mental health persisted.

The Young family tragedy has left the community in shock and mourning. Angel Isaac, a student at Horizon Science Academy, is remembered as a bright and vibrant soul. The school expressed deep condolences and offered support to students and staff dealing with the emotional aftermath.

As investigations continue, the devastating incident sheds light on the complex challenges faced by those grappling with mental health issues and emphasizes the need for increased awareness and support in communities.

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