Russia’s Over 100 Days Global Techno-Culture Driven Exhibition

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Exhibitions serve as platforms for promoting culture, trade, investment, and industry, featuring an array of both physical and non-physical products from individuals, businesses, and government entities. These events play a vital role in fueling economic growth in specific regions. In fact, exhibitions have a rich historical legacy that dates back to the display of artworks and historical materials in the pre-modern era.

In today’s postmodern world, exhibitions have evolved, utilizing diverse strategies to captivate and engage visitors. From Shanghai to Messe Hannover and Messe Frankfurt, sprawling venues spanning thousands of square meters have hosted countless exhibitions. But from November 4, 2023, to April 12, 2024, a remarkable addition takes the stage as Russia joins this elite league. VDNH, a legendary tourist, cultural, and entertainment hub at the heart of Moscow, opens its doors to a global exhibition spanning over 3 million square meters.

The grand opening saw a staggering turnout of over 190,000 visitors, making it a spectacular event that showcased Russia’s cultural richness and innovative spirit. The day was filled with concerts, educational events, mesmerizing choreographic dance performances, and the unveiling of new pavilions, along with a series of captivating presentations. The gastronomic festival “Russia – Territory of Taste” added a delightful culinary dimension, featuring dishes from the diverse cuisines of Russia. On the same day, a gala concert titled “Wind Rose – Achievement of Russia” and a VK concert featuring a lineup of talented performers were also held.

At the heart of this exhibition is the noble goal of showcasing Russia’s achievements, celebrating its rich history and promising future, and highlighting key projects and developments from Russian companies, organizations, and regions. VDNH plays host to 89 Russian regions, all executive bodies, major corporations, state entities, and public organizations, offering visitors the opportunity to explore 131 exhibitions featuring over 1,500 captivating objects. This exhibition is a must-visit for anyone eager to discover the vast tapestry of Russia’s cultural and industrial accomplishments.

Discover Russia’s Vibrant Progress in 10 Thrilling Themes
Comfortable Urban Environment. Dive into the transformation of Russia’s urban landscapes. Explore the innovative strides taken by urban administrators, the Russian government, and stakeholders in creating comfortable urban environments. Witness how these spaces adapt to climate change, urbanization, and densification strategies across 89 regions, from Moscow to Saint Petersburg and beyond. Innovative Development and Entrepreneurship. Witness the groundbreaking innovations that have made Moscow a top-rated city for innovation. Discover the contributions of the Skolkovo Innovation Center and the Moscow Innovation Cluster, fostering a culture of sustainable innovation and entrepreneurship. Moscow’s influence reaches far beyond Russia’s borders, impacting nations worldwide. Youth Policy and Education. Unleash the potential of Russia’s youth as they shape the nation’s future. Explore the strategy behind expanding opportunities for young people through initiatives like the Youth Assembly and the Civic Youth Chamber. Seven distinct projects focus on youth empowerment, encouraging socialization and self-realization.

Local Transport Framework. Navigate the intricacies of Russia’s public transport system, shaped by federal, regional, and local legislation. Major cities like Moscow and Saint Petersburg offer a network of bus routes, metro lines, and tramways, complemented by extensive infrastructure development, ensuring efficient transportation within and beyond urban centers. Smart City. Delve into the ranking of 171 cities to identify Russia’s smart city leaders. Discover how Moscow, St. Petersburg, Balashikha, Krasnodar, and Kazan have excelled in implementing smart city criteria, enhancing the quality of life for their residents. Industry and Digitization for Economic Growth. Explore the measures undertaken to support Russian businesses and the population. From prioritizing Russian software in state procurement to banning foreign industrial goods, these strategies fuel economic growth and digitalization.

Uniting People. Witness the unifying spirit of the Russian people, a nation with a rich history of state-building. Their mission is to unite and bring civilization together, and their legacy is a testament to the strength of the human spirit. Creating the Future. Embrace a commitment to shaping humanity’s future. Join us as we express our desire to actively participate in the evolving future of our world. Healthy Moscow. Experience a revolution in healthcare in Moscow, featuring modern polyclinics, digital advancements in cancer treatment, and accessible health checks. Life-cycle contracts ensure the upkeep of medical equipment, delivering top-notch healthcare services. Moscow of the Future. Immerse yourself in the grand spectacle of Moscow’s evolution through the centuries. Witness how Moscow has become a leading megacity with cutting-edge infrastructure and social facilities. Discover innovative solutions for schools, kindergartens, hospitals, and more, setting new standards for the entire country.
Cultural and Outreach Programmes
Explore the rich tapestry of Russia’s 160 ethnic groups, all conversing in a fascinating array of nearly 100 languages at the EXPO! Our cultural program offers an enticing lineup of concerts, festivals, guided tours, and master classes to enrich your experience. Don’t miss the ‘Russia, the Territory of Flavor’ festival, a culinary extravaganza that unveils the splendid diversity of Russian gastronomy. While you’re here, you will discover a treasure trove of products from over 700 manufacturers at our department store, featuring exclusive Russian clothing brands. For the food enthusiasts, we’ve got vibrant farmers and winemakers markets to tantalize your taste buds.

Experience the future with ‘Russian Achievements,’ a captivating 166-meter tunnel that illuminates Russia’s groundbreaking contributions across various fields. Immerse yourself in the ‘Living Map of Russia’ installation, featuring a captivating array of Russian-themed videos. ‘Regional Days,’ taking place from November 9 to January 14, will be a spotlight on the remarkable achievements and the economic and cultural potential of the Russian Federation’s constituent entities.

The outreach programme is your gateway to knowledge, offering lectures, workshops, training sessions, roundtables, seminars, quizzes, master classes, presentations, and other engaging events. Best of all, admission is free, so everyone can partake in this enriching experience.

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