Hajj 2023: NAHCON airlifts over 10,000 pilgrims in 5 days

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…records 24 flights

The National Hajj Commission of Nigeria (NAHCON) has airlifted 10, 068 Muslim Pilgrims to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for the 2023 Hajj exercise.

The NAHCON Chairman, Alh Zikrullah Kunle Hassan said during the inaugural flight that all intending pilgrims with complete documents will be airlifted

The airlift continues on daily basis until all of them are deart to Saudi Arabia.

25/05/23, MAXAIR flight VM3001 departed Abuja to Madinah at 18:23hrs with 472 Nasarawa pilgrims, and 27 Officials.
Nasarawa M=310, F=162
Total Airlifts=472
Total Flights=01

Today 26/05/2023, MaxAir flight NGL1001 departed Bauchi to Jeddah @ 15:43hrs with 549 Plateau pilgrims.
M=339, F=210
Total airlift=1,021
Total flights=2

Today 26/05/2023, Aero flight NIG9005 departed Abuja to Madinah @ 19:32hrs with 450 Nasarawa pilgrims and 13 Officials.
M=275, F=175
Total airlift=1,471
Total flights=03

Today 27/05/2023, Flynas flight XY5730 departed Sokoto to Madinah @ 02:01hrs with 428 Sokoto pilgrims.
M=208, F=220
Total Airlift=1,899
Total Flights=04

Today 27/05/2023, Air Peace flight P47902 departed Lagos to Madinah @ 03:28hrs with 262 Kwara pilgrims.
M=137, F=125
Total Airlift=2,161
Total Flights=05

27/05/2023, Flynas flight XY5732 departed Sokoto to Madinah @ 11:53hrs with 413 Zamfara pilgrims and 5 Officials.
M=298, F=115
Total airlift=2,574
Total flights=06

27/05/2023, Flynas flight XY5600 departed Sokoto to Madinah @ 15:17hrs with 422 Sokoto pilgrims.
M=328, F=94
Total airlift=2,996
Total flights=07

28/05/2023, Aero flight NIG9007 departed Abuja to Madinah @ 05:08hrs with 463 Nasarawa pilgrims and 12 Officials.
M=287, F=176
Total airlift=3,459
Total flights=08

28/05/2023, MaxAir flight VM3005 departed Bauchi via Abuja to Madinah @ 06:45hrs with 537 pilgrims and 19 Officials.
Plateau (298) M=190, F=108
Benue (239) M=166, F= 73
Total Airlift =3,996
Total Flight=09

28/05/2023, Air Peace flight P47904 departed Lagos to Madinah @ 10:57hrs with 272 Kwara pilgrims.
M=137, F=135
Total Airlift=4,268
Total Flights=10

28/05/2023, Flynas flight XY5734 departed Sokoto to Madinah @ 13:59hrs with 397 Zamfara pilgrims.
M=263, F=134
Total Airlift=4,665
Total Flights=11

28/05/2023, Flynas flight XY5718 departed Lagos to Madinah @ 17:18hrs with 429 Osun pilgrims.
M=206, F=223
Total Airlift=5,094
Total Flights=12

28/05/2023, Flynas flight XY5602 departed Sokoto to Madinah @ 17:20hrs with 424 Sokoto pilgrims.
M=295, F=129
Total Airlift=5,518
Total Flights=13

28/05/2023, MaxAir flight VM1003 departed Bauchi to Jeddah @ 23:15hrs with 544 Plateau Pilgrims and 4 Officials.
M=326, F=218
Total Airlift=6,062
Total Flights=14

29/05/2023, Flynas flight XY5736 departed Sokoto to Madinah @ 10:54hrs with 418 Zamfara pilgrims.
M=266, F=152
Total Airlift=6,480
Total Flights=15

29/05/2023, Air Peace flight P47906 departed Lagos to Madinah @ 12:12hrs with 269 Kwara pilgrims.
M=144, F=125
Total Airlift=6,749
Total Flights=16

29/05/2023, Flynas flight XY5604 departed Sokoto to Madinah @ 15:05hrs with 407 Sokoto pilgrims.
M=214, F=193
Total Airlift=7,156
Total Flights=17

29/05/2023, Flynas flight XY5720 departed Lagos to Madinah @ 17:18hrs with 428 pilgrims.
Osun (399) M=182, F=217
Ogun (29) M=15, F=14
Total Airlift=7,584
Total Flights=18

29/05/2023, Flynas flight XY5648 departed Lagos to Madinah @ 23:10hrs with 429 pilgrims.
Ogun (398) M=181, F=217
Osun (31) M=17, F=14
Total Airlift=8,013
Total Flights=19

30/05/2023, MaxAir flight VM1005 departed Bauchi to Jeddah @ 3:16hrs with 532 pilgrims.
Bauchi (528) M=365, F=163
Plateau (4) M=4, F=0
Total Airlift=8,545
Total Flights=20

30/05/2023, Flynas flight XY5738 departed Sokoto to Madinah @ 11:06hrs with 417 Zamfara pilgrims.
M=292, F=125
Total Airlift=8,962
Total Flights=21

30/05/2023, Air Peace flight P47908 departed Abuja to Madinah @ 12:37hrs with 254 FCT pilgrims and 10 Officials.
M=122, F=132
Total Airlift=9,216
Total Flights=22

30/05/2023, FLYNAS flight
XY5606 departed Sokoto to Madinah at 15:05hrs
with 423 Sokoto pilgrims.
Total Airlifts=9,639
Total Flights=23

30/05/2023, FLYNAS flight XY5586 departed Lagos to Madinah @ 17:20hrs with 429 Ogun pilgrims.
M=215, F=214
Total Airlifts=10,068
Total Flights=24

Source: Command and Control (NAHCON)

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