Tinubu Government, time for new era

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By Ajide Praise Akingbade

To many Nigerians, the name Nigeria is no longer a title contender but just a figurehead in the African community. 

The country battles a severe cash crunch, severe poverty, lack of jobs, poor governance, etc. According to the Nigeria bureau of statistics (NBS), 2022, 50 million of Nigerians live below poverty level from an initial 15 million, implying that more than 35 million  Nigerians can no longer afford a three square meal per day. Despite cries from local and international non-governmental organizations, little has been done by the government of President Muhammadu Buhari to mitigate the suffering of Nigerians.

 The constant rise in the price of commodities, goods and services has led some youths, who are jobless to engage in fraudulent activities.

According to the Economic and Financial Crime Commission (EFCC), in the year 2022 alone, more than 100,000 youths were paraded for financial fraud. If all these youth were not jobless surely they wont think of involving themselves in criminal behaviours. 

The country keeps losing talented people every day and nothing is being done by leaders to reduce its effect on the country. Just last month, Taxes, a state in the United State of America released a report acknowledging the fact that it has employed more than 500 doctors from Nigeria alone.

 That’s twice the number of doctors who leave the country per year. Amidst all these countless issues, Nigerians went to the polls on February 25 to elect a new president to lead the new era. 

The election, however, has ended with controversies and arguments, on who truly won the election.

 The certification of the president-elect has been nicknamed the beginning of a new era. 
In the manifesto of the president-elect, he promised to commence new policies, such as student loans, a stable education, creating more jobs for Nigerians and ensuring a stable government. 

With the emergence of president Bola Tinubu, all eyes are on him to take Nigeria and Nigerians out of the woods.

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