Ramadan: Late KWASU VC’s wife emulating husband’s philanthropy

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By Is’haq Babatunde

Losing a spouse or loved one is a difficult circumstance that is beyond the control of human. Every living thing is inadvertently mortal. All of us are biologically and divinely programmed to live and die at appointed time.

Though man desires to live forever, the finality of death cannot be escaped. It is an obvious fact that we are all born to die.  There is no one born of woman that will not have a taste of death. It is only God that is immortal. 

Coping after the demise of loved ones is a challenge. However,  it is not every victim of this circumstance that will have the confidence to effectively organise him/herself as some even lose the zeal to move on in life.

Glory be to Allah, Barrister Shakirat Folake Akanbi,  the wife of the late Vice Chancellor of the Kwara State University, Professor Muhammed Mustapha Akanbi SAN, has not only been coping after the death of her loving husband that occurred 131 days ago (November 20th, 2022 precisely), but also stepping into his shoes of philanthropy.

Losing a husband at that the  prime age is an unquantifiable loss that cannot be quantified with expression of words alone, but she did not allow the grief and mourning of her spouse prevent her from  extending generosity to the beneficiaries of her late husband’s annual Ramadan package.

It is a thing of joy that against all odds, the legacies left behind by our beloved Prof M. M. Akanbi is kept alive by his loving wife. This alone is ‘Sodakatul-L- Jaariyah’ for him in the world beyond.

Since beginning of this 2023 Ramadan, about nine days ago, Barrister Shakirat Akanbi has been organising daily ‘Iftar’ for the needy. This is aside the well packaged food items presented to most of the people  whom benefited the charity of her late husband during the month of Ramadan.

May Allah in His infinite mercy translate all these efforts made in Prof. M. M Akanbi’s name and other departed souls to a sustained gesture that will be of great value to them on the day of resurrection.

May Allah accept all the prayers being said in his name since he left this sinful world and the one that was held in his residence today Friday (March 31, 2023) and those that will be said till eternity. Aameen.


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