Lifestyle,creams causing damage to skin, organs- Prof. Akanji

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The former Vice Chancellor of the Federal University of Technology, Minna, Professor Musbau Adewumi Akanji has described human skin as a fragile organ created to prevent and protect human body.

He however, said a lot of people prevent the skin from performing its functions optimally due to their lifestyle, adding that the use of dangerous creams and other injurious materials do more harm than good to the skin and entire body system.

“The Skin! Allah, the Almighty, our Creator. He creates the skin and used it to cover our body as an armour to prevent intrusion of outside enemies (visible and invisible). Allah also used it as a succulent blanket to interface with our fragile and delicate internal organs so as to prevent injuries (Q 67 V 3).

“Imagine our body without such cover as the skin, humans will be horror to behold and our internal organs would be falling off their placements as we move (Q 2 v 107). Allah also provides about 5 million holes (hair holes) on each person’s skin to serve as a communicating channel where some materials can be exchanged between internal and external environment (Q 3 v 191).

“Humans, the ingrate, habitually cover such holes with variety of creams, thereby preventing the primary purpose for their creation. Fear Allah and seek to understand the basis for His worship, perchance you will receive His Mercy (Q 1 v 5 – 6).

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