All creatures will end in the bowels of earth- Professor Akanji

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The EARTH, created by Allah, the Almighty, about 4.5 billion years ago, has an estimated surface area of about 510 million square km out of which about 71% is water, leaving only approximately 148 million square km as land mass. It is this land mass that has been empowered by Allah, the All Knowing, to consume ALL other Creations of Allah, who are dead and who will continue to die until the end of Time, when Judgement will be entered for ALL Creations.

 Imagine ALL Prophets (AS), including the doyen of them all, Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), the great Philosophers,  Warriors, Kings, Paupers, Beggars, those who have bestirred the surface of the earth as if they will never die, various animals that ever lived, creatures too tiny to be noticed, etc. All of them had been and will continue to be consumed by the earth without exception and the earth will not be filled up!

Is Allah not Awesome in Creation! Pay more attention to worship of Allah (Q 33 v 41 – 43) who has done these much for the benefit of His Creations. Unbridled accumulation of wealth and its obscene display will end in the bowels of the earth. May Allah have Mercy on us all (Q 1 v 3) so as to meet His Pleasure when it is our turn to be consumed by the earth.  

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If any proof is needed to  confirm oneness of humanity, the places to look are the Plains of Mount Arafat during the day and Muzdalifah in the night of every 9th of Dhu’l- Hijjah. The scenario there is a mimic of what the day of Judgement will look like, when all humanity will appear before Allah (Q 3 v 9). Kings, Royalties, Presidents,  Heads of Governments, Professors, Judges, Governors, Cleaners, Drivers, Touts, Kidnappers, Murderers, etc, etc, will not be distinguishable by carriage or dress. 

Anybody that saw or watched the millions of pilgrims on Tv will come to realize that the need of humans is minimal. You will come to the conclusion that those who are amassing wealth unduly are simply ‘mad’. We should all change our ways and fear Allah’s judgment on a day of which there is no doubt (Q 22 v 7). Be known by how many people you are able to assist in life. You don’t have to be rich to help others. There are always people who are worse than you. Show kindness to others (Q 3 v 5) so as to receive Mercy from Allah, your Creator, on the day of Judgement. 

Culled from the archive of Professor Musbau Akanji 

He is the Pioneer Vice Chancellor of Al-Hikmah University

 Former Vice Chancellor of Federal University of Technology,  Minna

 He currently works at the Kwara State University 

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