NACTAL calls for full enforcement of law against child trafficking

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By Is’haq Babatunde

A member of Network Against Child Trafficking in Person (NACTAL) in Kwara State, Dr (Mrs) Zainab Bolajoko Balogun has appealed to Governments at all levels to attach utmost priority to the enforcement of law against child trafficking, child abuse and child labour in the country.

Dr Balogun made the appeal on Saturday (July 30, 2022) while featuring on the Kwara State Television show titled “Good Morning Kwara”, hoping that if the law is fully put into use, it will prevent some unscrupulous elements that are still perpetrating that criminal acts.

Balogun explained that the ultimate goal of NACTAL, as a body, is to eradicate the act of child trafficking across the country and give every child the opportunity to explore their potential through sound and qualitative education.

She added that it is against that background that the NACTAL thought it wise to join other like mind people across the globe today to mark the World against child trafficking.

Balogun who represented other NACTAL members in the state on the TV show, commended the federal and state governments for enacting law against child abuse and other related ways of denying innocent children their civic rights, but maintained that full implementation of such law should be given a consideration in order to bring a lasting solution to this untoward act.

Balogun, who is also the founder of Bazarab Educational Foundation (BEF), one of the leading Non Governmental Organizations in kwara state, lauded the state government’s frantic efforts which usually lead to arrest and prosecution of some culprits, and enjoined those on the corridor of power not to relent on their efforts so as to totally eradicate the menace.

She identified lack of contentment on the side of parents and guardians as a major reason for subjecting their children and wards to all forms of inhuman treatment that tends to destroy the future of such innocent child just because of cheap money.

Mrs Zainab Balogun advised parents and guardians to be contented and attach seriousness to the education of their children and wards, describing sound education as a catalyst for self sufficient and sustainable development in all human societies.

Balogun explained that acquiring sound and qualitative education is now made easy in kwara state today as the Government under the leadership of Governor Abdulrahaman Abdulrazaq has renovated large number of schools across the state couple with distribution of tablets to teachers to enhance effective teaching and learning.

She said that the state government’s unique effort in giving schools across the state a facelift has principally upgraded public schools which make them to compete favourably with their private counterpart in the state.

L-R: Mrs Fatimah Rasheed, Dr (Mrs) Zainab Balogun, Mr Jimba Babatunde during the TV show
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