Rafiu Ibrahim: A Compassionate Leader@55

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By Abdullateef ‘Lanre Ahmed

Today 12th of December, 2021 is a milestone in the trajectory of life of Rafiu Adebayo Ibrahim, Ph.D, the immediate past Senator representing Kwara South Senatorial District in the Red Chamber of the National Assembly.

For family members, friends, associates, admirers and loyalists, this day would not be like any other day. It is significant as it is reflective. It is the day that a giant was born in Ojoku community, Oyun Local Government Area of Kwara State. That he is a generous and compassionate leader is not in doubt.

If a treatise is written and dedicated to Rafiu Adebayo Ibrahim, a banker turned politician, it is not an unworthy exercise, for he embodies humility, responsiveness, willingness to do and selfless service to humanity.

The typification of his life among his contemporaries deserves all accolades one could muster devoid of smokescreen to create a large than life image for him.

Those who have had cause to deal or transact business with him are better placed to tell the whole story themselves, be it communally, politically, socially and other aspects of human endeavour.

If nothing at all, his foray in politics in more than a decade where he towers like a star in the sky, sufficiently underpins the humanity that inheres in the distinguished legislator, who carved a niche for himself throughout his sojourn in the National Assembly; Green Chamber and Red Chamber inclusive.

His representation in the legislative chamber, especially at the federal level was historic and revolutionary in the lives of the people of Kwara South. Though no mortal is perfect, his services for the constituents have remained indelible.

In spite of his being out of public office in more than two years, Senator Rafiu Ibrahim has not ceased lending hand to the less privileged and those he considered extremely vulnerable.

Amazingly too, his generosity transcends the shores of his senatorial district. His footprints are sighted everywhere; little wonder he has continued to shine against all odds.

And among his peers, he has a beautiful and inspiring story to tell about the trajectory of his life dedicated to serving humanity. Without aiming at immodest and magnify him needlessly, Rafiu Ibrahim is a rare gem.

For Senator Rafiu Adebayo Ibrahim, life has just begun at 55. In humanity, growing old is out of the way. Life can only be renewed with vigour and vitality to do more.

Ahmed writes from Ilorin.

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