8 Techniques that make your hair soft, grow faster

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By Esther Anwo

Women generally can learn to keep a non stressing beauty natural hair that frees them from pain no matter how hard and stubborn their hair might be. Once they learn and get the techniques,they are free to go because they will be free from pains and stress they experiencebefore. Although, natural hair might seem to be expensive but its worth longing for because there is a” beauty that lies in it” that makes women feel special.

Some women may be thinking or probably saying that with natural hair one won’t be able to make and plait good hair style,” that is not true” because with natural hair, one can make and plait different hair style of their choices, either making of Afro style, weaving, jelling, fixing of weavon ,only if you will love to follow and learn the techniques of making a natural hair growlong,soft, shining, attractive and glowing. And to your surprise you will see that natural hair isnot stressful because it’s very easy to take care of.

Natural hair also serves as beauty to all women who love, admire and are always proud of it. Also good hygiene is important in taking good care of the hair generally. When it comes tonatural hair you practice it the more. With good hygiene it prevents the hair from lookingunkempt,dirty and smelling but rather makes it shining and attractive which add up to the beauty of a woman.

Here below are 8 techniques that make your natural hair soft and grow faster than yourexpectations.

  1. Spraying of water on every part of the hair. After loosen the hair, spray few quantity of water on every part of the hair,why this? Becausewater help to moisturise the hair,thereby making it soft to touch and comb. Spraying of littlewater on the hair won’t make it smell as far as it’s not covered immediately.

2. Whisking of eggs and applying it. As the egg gives the body nutrients and helps to nourishes it, same also it does to the hairwhen it’s applied. So,whisk the eggs and apply it to every part of the head, especially at theplaces where hair refuses to grow,when you are done cover with a heating material such asLyon and so on . Although it might look stinky but its serves a whole lot of importance to the hairwhich makes the hair grow out faster and fuller than before.

3. Wash with warm water and shampoo. Wash natural hair with warm water and anti-dandruff shampoo and conditioner to make the hair looks clean and softer.

4. Style,plait and pack the hair. Since natural hair is found of reducing in size after washing, dry the hair immediately and pack itwith a tight elastic band or plait it immediately. Do not cover so that air can have access and toavoid the hair from smelling.

5. Apply natural hair boosting cream or you make one. Apply any natural hair cream you Know such like Cindy hair boosting cream or anyone thatworks for you and if none,you can make one for yourself by getting a coconut oil,fry garlic andonions inside,allow it to cool and settle, pour inside a container and then begin to use. It’s one ofthe simplest method and its helps the hair to grow fast a lot.

6. Apply the hair cream into every part of the head and massage properly. Apply the hair cream into your hair, massage thoroughly and always makes the hair gland oily toprevent hair dryness.

7. Using of Aloe Vera plant is good. With aloe vera gel its helps to relieve sunburn and help heal wounds in the hair,so its helps thehair a lot.

8. Eat good and healthy fruit. Eating of good and healthy fruits helps to nourishes the body as a whole with the vitamins in them. Therefore, edible fruits is good for the body.

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