Kwara Indegineous contractors drum support for Gov. Abdulrasaq

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…He has’nt let us down – Aigoro

By Abdul Momoh

The Association of Kwara Indegineous contractors have urged the people of the state to join hands with the Executive Governor of Kwara State, Mall. Abdulrahaman Abdulrasaq in his effort to move the state forward.

The Chairman of Kwara Indegineous contractors, Alhaji Moshood Aigoro stated this while briefing newsmen in his office, recently.

According to him, ‘the Governor since assumed the mantle of leadership in the state has exemplified a dictum of a good leader worthy of emulation.’

“The Governor is not extravegant and his simplicity has no equal. He is the first governor in the history of Kwara State to have associated with the people in the villages to itemised their problems.

“I beg all our leaders across boards to support the governor. He has mission for the state. In politics we should endevour to put sentiment and selfishness behind us and work collectively toward acqualising the mandate given to us by the electorates at the poll.

“Abdulraman Abdulrasaq is okay for me. I beg all the APC leaders to shelve the superiority contest between them. We are all one family. We should do away with what could divides us and let support the governor,” Aigoro said.

He added that Kwara Indeginous contractors and suppliers are well captured in the web of the state’s contract awards since assumption of office of this administration.

“I initiated Kwara Indegineous contractors and suppliers in APC that the State Goverment should be giving us job. One thing the Governor did that I will not forget is that, I wrote a letter to him to reduce the prices of registrations at ministry of work which led to the feud between me and ex-perm sec, Mojo, the Governor obliged and reviewed it.

“I said he should reduce the tender for us , the Governor did again. The Governor is taking care of us. We have about 25, 250 indegineous contractors in the state, and out of the first job that goes out, he gave us two.

“The Governor is recognising us. Our people should stop accusing him wrongly. I belived the Governor has not let us down. Nobody can humilate the Governor in my present. It is God that brought him to power and nobody can lay claim to that, ” he stressed.

Aigoro further avowed that he has spent about N40 million to empowered market women, and artisans in the state in recent time, all in a bid to support the Executive Governor of KwaraState.

“About N40 million has been expended under my empowerment programm to alleviate the suffering of the downtrodden in the state. Market wowen, hairdressers are well captured just to support the Governor.

“The reason why I started my empowerment earlier this year is that, the present Governor is my brother. I am part of his struggle right from the scratch.

“I struggled under my boss, Shuaibu Yama Abdulahi of Kwara north who happens to be a bossom ally of the Governor since 1998. So why shouldn’t I support my boss friend,” the business mogus affirmed.

He did however said the desire to assist the less priviledged in the society led to the formation of Aigoro foundation since 1984.

“The concept behind Aigoro foundation is that I have already learnt from my father that you must not acquire wealth, you must find how to help people. In the 70s, we have three types of people living on this earth : the rich man, the middle man and the downtroddens.

“Later in the 80s, there were plans to cancelled the middle people. You neither rich nor poor. This now triggered me to see how I can come in to help the less priviledged in the society,” he concluded.

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