Couching is on the high side in Ilorin, Eye specialist raises alarm

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An Opthalmologist, Doctor Taoheed Ayodeji Abdullahi has raised alarm on the rate of couching in Ilorin metropolis.

Doctor Abdullahi while featuring on a Radio Kwara Personality interview Programme “Playing Host” lamented the increasing rate people are patronizing Unorthodox care for traditional eye surgery which had caused complications.

The eye expert who is the Medical Director of Opeyemi Mega Eye Centre, Ilorin, said what the couchers do is to push the actual lens of the eye , the white optic lens to the back of the eye, pointing out that this action damage all other structures of the eye.

He added that when the victims would require intensive eye surgery, especially renal surgery which is very expensive to correct such eyes.

Doctor Taoheed Abdullahi therefore called for advocacy on the need for people to refrain from patronizing unorthodox care to reduce complications the eye specialists are battling with in the hospitals.

The Consultant Ophthalmologist, therefore urged those with eye infection to seek professional medical assistance in treating infections.

Doctor Taoheed Abdullahi who warned against the use traditional harmful practices such as breast milk, urine, battery water, onion fluid, and petrol, to treat eye infections, revealed that such practice could do more harm than good to the eyes of their babies.

He said, ” Although some of these practices were handed over to us from past generations, but they are wrong and must be stopped ”

“Please, take this information to your families, neighbours and friends; everybody needs to stop the use of these harmful substances in the eyes, because we are the ones

Doctor Taoheed Abdullahi noted that most of the substances used are harmful to the cornea and could induce blindness.

The eye specialist cautioned that unattended eye diseases could lead to blindness, adding that early diagnosis and treatment were very critical to maintaining the sight.

Doctor Taoheed Abdullahi however asked government at all levels to give the same attention given to chronic diseases to eyes related diseases to reduce blindness in the country.


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