School hunting our focal point of attention- Okpodu

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Dr Okpodu

…..It constructs over 50 schools in Nigeria


The Group Managing Director, School Hunters Education Initiative, Dr (Mrs) Shola Okpodu says the initiative has concatructed over 50 schools across Nigeria and beyond as part of her frantic efforts to usher in accelerated development in Africa countries, using quality education as a good platform.

She said the school hunters’ focal point of attention is provision of sound and qualitative eduaction to children under a conducive and an enabling environment.

The initiative, which is an International Non Governmental Organisation (NGO), believes that the potent agent of development in all known human societies is proper and right education for the children.

Speaking with highPROFIE about amazing activities of the School Hunters, Okpodu said Africa needs development which should be collectively championed by all and sundry as government cannot shoulder that onerous responsibility alone.

Okpodu who is a communication expert, a playright and philanthropist said the reason most African countries are wallowing in the ocean of backwardness and underdevelopment is the obvious neglect of their children education.

She explained that future of any nation lies on the personality make up of her children, saying that any child that is deprived of standard and the right education at foundation level tends to add no value to that society when the need arises to do so.

Okpodu said it is very appalling that at this age children still learn under the trees and sit on a bare floor to receive lessons in most states in Nigeria and many other African countries.

The School Hunters Director, who is also a counsellor, expressed great concern over the state of marriage collapse in Nigeria and most countries of the world, saying that the rising waves of this ugly trend potends a serious danger which must be mitigated immediately before it leads to collapse of other institutions.

She identified infidelity, waywardness, competition between couple, in-laws interference, third party syndrome, parasitic friends as some of the factors responsible for marriage collapse in the society.

The School Hunters Director, who is also an author, believed that all hands must be on deck to bring about social order and cohesion that will give birth to a peaceful, United and prosperous society.

Okpodu, who is a well travelled journalist and public commentator, has traversed over 22 countries of the world in the vanguard of adding values to the lives of the less privileged in the society.

The initiative can be reached through it official email- for possible assistance from the NGO, especially in the areas of school construction and getting school age children that are not in school back to school.

The NGO is visiting Ilorin, Kwara state capital, very soon as part of her gesture that is tilting towards peaceful and harmonious society as well as giving African indigent children good and right education.

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