KWSG to partner NGOs on RUWASA

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The Permanent Secretary Ministry of Water resources Dr. Afolabi Ezikiel Adesola, has reinstated the readiness of Kwara State Government to Partner with UNICEF and other Non Governmental Organisation (NGO)  to give a face-lift to Rural Water and Sanitation Agency (RUWASA).

Dr. Afolabi, stated this today, while speaking at the premises of the Agency during his unscheduled visit to check the activities going on in the Agency.

The Permanent secretary in a relese signed by the Press Secretary, Mashood Olalekan Issa-Onilu and made available to our medium said, it is expected of the staff to be absolutely serious, dedicated, effective in upholding synergy between the Ministry ,the agency and international organization to realise the set goals.

In the release, the Ministry is aware of some of the challenges facing the agency, saying, the Ministry is working assiduously with relevant agency to ensure things are brought back to normal.

On the edict and Law guiding Establishement of the agency, Afolabi said that, the Ministry within its capacities had written some letters to the concern authority believing that the outcome will be favourable.

Meanwhile, the Permanent Secretary in the relese earlier expressed his displeasure on the unkept and bushy Environment at Rural Water Sanitation Agency, ditto to staff negligence on the signing of attendance register.

Afolabi, now mandated them to henceforth, adher with the verbal instruction to prevent stringent measure against the violator.

He said, “working under this kind of condition can not in any way assist the growth of the Agency charged them to have a posditive change of attitudes for the progress of the Agency.

According to him “considering the significance of the work we do as a sanitation Agency, we need to make the environment and our instrument very clean and neatly arranged to convince all our Clients that we are worthy of doing business with ” he concluded

Mashood Olalekan Issa-Onilu
Press Secretary, Ministry of Water Resources.

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