Kwara NDLEA begins operation ‘Know Your Child’s Drug Status

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Mr Ambrose Umoru

The National Drug and Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA), Kwara State Command is set to begin drug test on youth and adults who are into the use of nacotic drugs and psychotropic substances in the state.

The test, which would be sponsored by the NDLEA, Kwara state command, is tagged “Know your child’s drug status”.

The Kwara state Commandant of NDLEA, Mr Abrose Umoru disclosed this in his office during an interview with The HIGHPROFILE, saying that those working in companies, industries and motor parks across the state would also be subjected to this test.

Umoru said the purpose of the test was to determine and ascertain those that are into the discriminate use of nacotic drugs and psychotropic substances in the state.

The NDLEA boss encouraged parents, relations, and guidance who may have young ones or loved ones they suspect to have been drugabusers to bring them to the Command in Ilorin for the test.

“If they are tested positive and with the cooperation of their family members, such a person will be put under treatment and rehabilitation here with a view to detoxificating the person of drugs and make him a better person so that he can be reintegrated back to his family” he pledged.

He disclosed that there are many clients who are already in the command that are currently undergoing treatment, counseling and rehabilitation.

“That is one way we think we shall be dealing with those who are already being affacted with indiscriminate drug use in the state.

Mr Umoru stated further that the command will soon embark on aggressive public enlightenment campain across the state including schools, hospitals, market places to sensetize people about the danger inherent in the use narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances.

He said the idea was to catch the innocent children young and prevent them from involving in this social menace that is capable of ruining their lives.

Mr Umoru said it is appalling and disturbing that the United Nations Office on Drug and Crime (UNODC)’s reports revealed that Kwara is rated as the state with 13.0 per cent drug use prevalence among the six states in all the North Central Zone states.

This report according to him, indicates that Kwara tops in the whole of North Central geopolitical zone of the country.

He added that reports form the intelligence show that there is a wide spread of indiscriminate use of nacotic drugs and psychotropic substances among the youth and adults in Kwara, adding that Kwara is higher than any other state in the North Central Zone.

Umoru said the command has been trailing dealers of these drugs while many have been apprehended, saying that they will be delt with according to the law of the land.

He said the command was not unaware of some owners of
Provision shop and chemists that are selling tramadol and other drugs that are absolutely banned, warning that whoever found guilty would be made to face the music.

“We are making effort to identify the flags point where these drug are sold. We will trail them and fix them out.We have already started making arrest” he said.


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