Kwara: Aremu Hails Governor Abdulrazaq’s Modesty in Governance 

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CAPTION: Comrade Aremu (left) presenting Governor Abdulrazaq (right) to the teeming members of the Labour Party in an occasion in Ilorin shortly before the Governorship election in Kwara state

The Vice  President of Industriall Global Union  and NEC member of the Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC), Comrade Issa Aremu has commended Governor Abdulrahman Abdulrazaq of  Kwara State  for promoting humility and modesty in governance.

In a statement marking 100 days in office of APC led government, the 2019 Labour Party ( LP) candidate hailed Governor Abdulrahman for what he called “demystifying governance” by making government accessible to the good people of Kwara and making the people connect to governance.

According to him,  the performance of the administration in the past three months departs positively from what he called “16 years PDP governance of  intimidation, mutual suspicion  and arrogance adding that the new political atmosphere of liberation in the state must be sustained.”

Aremu urged the state government to consolidate on the current gains of prompt payment of salaries of workers, provision of water which hitherto was criminally denied the good people of kwara state by the past governments.

He said it was remarkable that Governor AbdulRazaq promised to restore water supply in some parts of the state and he did so within 100 days recalling that previous administration expended over N6 billion sunk into the water reticulation project without a drop of water.

He also commended the Governor for retaining hundreds of public employees employed at the tail end of the past administration . He called on the  the workers in the state to improve on productivity, avoid lateness to work, be punctual  and loyal to the state service.

Comrade Aremu urged Governor Abdulrahman to follow the example of Governor Ahmed El-Rufai of Kaduna and set the machinery in motion to  implement the new minimum wage of N30000 adding that improved salaries means improved purchasing power of workers and  improved state revenue, through taxation (Pay As You Earn, PAYE). However he added that improved pay tasked the workers to give maximum productivity.

On  youth unemployment in the state, Comrade Aremu said sustainable jobs can only be guaranteed through Industrialization and wealth generation in the state adding that the LP would partner with state government to attract investors in small and medium enterprises and in rebuilding the critical infrastructure such as roads and public schools .

The labour leader said in constituting the new cabinet, Governor Abdulrahman Abdulrazaq should uphold the spirit and content of the Partnership Agrremment with the Labour Party on formation of cabinet and ensure the inclusion of all Kwarans in governance.


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