Jimoh Ibrahim: To Hell With O Y O

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What is it in the sinful earthly realm that makes it worthy of living? It is full of challenges; deceit, deception, barefaced lie and falsehood. Little wonder that the trending slang “Sakamanje” has crept into the worldly grammatical lexicons, particularly in this clime.

If the aforementioned are to be analytically considered, one is tempted to ask the essence of life itself. The arrival of a new born baby is naturally greeted with joy and pleasure, and the opposite, which is death, is accompanied with tears and gnashing of teeth. It therefore goes without positing that life is of pleasure and displeasure simultaneously.

That said, it is a common knowledge that, as human beings, we have grappled with it over the years and no one has been able to dispute it even in art where we are prodded to describe renowned artists as immortal. This is discernible because the creations (plays, novels, poems and orature among others of the departed artists usually outlive them.

One of the artists (unsong) was Jimoh Ibrahim. A graduate of the Performing Arts, University of Ilorin and subsequently proceeded to the Premiere University of Ibadan where he bagged his M.A. Communications and Language Arts. To describe him as a bundle of talent is an understatement. Attitudinally, he was cool, calm and collected. Respectful he was, is to mention the least.

A few weeks ago, a piece was written and specifically chronicled what “Cancer of the Liver” reduced Ibrahim to, the same battle that his sister fought unsuccessfully until she willingly bowed to the supremacy of the unsolicited but inevitable guest.

The Grim Reaper visited again last night the family of Jimoh Ibrahim. How he crept in, no one could phantom. But the journey of over two decades for Ibrahim ceased and so, he breathed his last.

In the piece, a financial help was solicited to enable him undergo chemotherapy at a medical facility in India. Though the help came with contributions from those who saw the need to lift the Unilorin graduate from the sick bed.

The help could not, however, reach the point it was expected to (N15million), until the death secretly pronounced own presence last night. Last time, it was his sister, who undertook the journey of no return, Ibrahim’s earthly living had also been terminated.

Although, Ibrahim’s case was one out many battling with ailments. But this alone typified the fact that, no matter how you live in this cruel world, you are on your own (OYO). It is either you are healthy or dead. It is business of no one whether you survive or perish. Life must go on, no matter what!

In a society that boasts of the affluence, the rich, the movers and shakers, what we have unnaturally lived with, is widening abject poverty and social inequality. Those who should ordinarily dish out pittance from that they have in abundance never bother to do so. What irritatingly paces up and down in their mind is “It is not my making that you are poor”.

Ibrahim, though your sojourn on this earthly realm ended abruptly, those beautiful works and legacies you left behind live on in our hearts. May the Almighty Allah forgive you of your inadequacies and shortcomings as a mere mortal. Without any iota of doubt, your immortal creations will surely immortalize you!

Adieu Jimoh Ibrahim!

From Ahmed ‘Lanre Abdullateef

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