Workers Day: Adamolekun calls for implementation of new minimum wage at all levels

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…Salutes Nigerian workers.

The founder of Kayode Adamolekun Foundation, Engineer Kayode Adamolekun has urged the federal government to ensure full implementation of the just assented minimum wage at all levels.

While speaking against the backdrop of workers day celebration across the country, the Chairman of the foundation also called for proper welfare of civil servants in the state.

Adamolekun explained that if the 30 thousand minimum wage is fully assented to, the standard of living of workers in the country will be uplifted.

He however urged the government to ensure proper implementation of price control to prevent the prices of commodities from being skyrocketed due to the presumed increase in the salary of workers.

Adamolekun who described workers at all levels as hardworking civil servants, noted that their roles at all levels can not be overlooked, emphasizing that they must be compensated and motivated adequately.

The Ekiti Born business mogul also commended workers for their doggedness and dedication to their official duties, which according to him, contribute to the development and growth of the country.

He said “I like the civil servants and I pity them because they work so hard and they receive peanuts at the end of the month. I have come to realize that, civil servants are the major drivers of this country.

“The country needs to compensate our workers but the resources are very limited. So, we have to collectively seek for the resources and contribute our quota at various levels” he added.

He also admonished workers who are not doing the needful and are exhibiting lackadaisical attitudes at their work places to “repent” and be dedicated and hardworking.

“It has been also been established that some workers are collecting 2-3 salaries but they must change. If you know you are part of this, please repent before you are caught” he said.


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