Guber poll: Kwara needs new set of leaders- Accord flag-bearer

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The governorship candidate of Accord Party in the Kwara State, Prince Ayorinde Adedoyin said the state needs new set of leadership if the desired change would be actualized.

He therefore called on eligible voters in the state to look to a new direction by voting for the candidates of Accord Party if they actually wanted true change.
Adedoyin who was speaking to journalists in Ilorin on Monday, described those in the affairs of APC and PDP as the same set of people.

He said the genuine change the people of the state were yearning for would be difficult to realise if the same sets of people who have been defecting from PDP to APC and APC to PDP returned to power.

The Accord party flag bearer described the “O to ge” (Enough is enough) campaign slogan of the All Progressive Congress (APC) and “O tun ya” (we are just starting) of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) as ‘‘same contents in same bottles but with a different top’’.

According to him ‘‘Kwara, we must look at a different direction, if you really want true change, we should not be looking at APC, PDP. You cannot continue to re-cycle same set of people and expect new thing to happen. I don’t see anything new in APC, PDP is the same bottle with same contents, all they did is to change the bottle top’’.

He mentioned plans to revive the moribund industries and encourage the growth of small and medium enterprises (SMEs) as part of his economic blueprint for the people of the state.

He said Kwara has potentials to be a prosperous state but expressed regret that the state is backward economically because government is the largest employer of labours.

He disclosed his plan to build medical city with 300 beds luxury hospital to ensure affordable health care delivery and create jobs.

While noting with displeasure that technical schools in the state were no more functioning, he promised to revive the schools so that their graduates could be employers of labours rather than job seekers.

The governorship hopeful said if elected, his government as part of his economic blueprint would float a poultry plant that will produce 4.8 million chickens in a year.

“As parts of the ripple effects the proposed plants would have on the economy of the state, the plant would require 6.4 metric tons of Maize for feed mills which he said would create jobs for many people”.

He said to demonstrate his commitment to the kwara projects, the popular Global Soap Company located in Ilorin is being test run and would resume full operation soon.

The governorship, hopeful said he had through his various intervention projects sunk and rehabilitated boreholes in 190 different communities across the state.
He assured workers in the state that the N30,000 new minimum wage which they are agitating for is achievable under his regime even as he said his government will create alternatives to white cola jobs that will reduce number of people looking for civil service jobs.

Adedoyin dismissed insinuations in some quarters that he was working with the PDP or APC.

He said Accord party had created a platforms for kwarans who have ‘‘lost their self esteems” to discover their ability to do things themselves without subjecting to whims and caprices of political gladiators .

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