Kwara Central Senatorial: Oloriegbe defeats Saraki

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Change of baton: Oloriegbe ousts Saraki

Professor Olawale Olatunbosun of the University of Ilorin, a returning officer for the Kwara Central Senatorial District has declared Dr Yahaya Oloriegbe as the winner of the kwara Central Senatorial District.


Dr Oloriegbe of APC polled a total of 123, 808 votes to defeat Dr Abubakar Saraki of PDP who scored a total of 68,994 votes.

With this, APC candidate, Ibrahim Yahaya Oloriegbe  recorded a wide margin of 54,814 votes.

Bellow are the facts and figures of the results.


Ilorin East


APC- 15932

PDP- 11252


Ilorin East

APC- 30014

PDP- 14654


Ilorin South

APC- 26331



Ilorin West

APC- 51531




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