Buhari: Ending reign of terror, mayhem in Kogi

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By Rowland ‘Shuwa

When Mr. Abubakar Audu died on November 22, 2015 not many Nigerians agreed with INEC’s miscalculation of an inconclusive election, most were of the opinion that Prince Audu had won fair and square and the most honorable thing for INEC to do was to declare his running mate, Mr. James Abiodun Faleke governor-elect.

But no, the powers that be turned Kogi State into a battle ground for supremacy. The APC shamelessly traded the sweat, blood and loyalty of ordinary Kogites who came out enamass to vote for the Audu/Faleke ticket.

The disdain of the APC cabal for the people of Kogi state was made manifest when they insisted on someone who worked against the hard earned victory of the party simply because he lost the primary. They moved a step forward to exploit the age long spirit of betrayal and selfishness of my people and made Mr. Dino Melaye the anchor of a swearing in ceremony of his people’s stolen mandate. Thank God he is already reaping the fruits of his betrayal.

Before the governor marked his first year in office he had fallen out with Mr. Melaye who had started openly criticizing some of the governor’s actions especially the non-payment of workers’ salaries.

The APC turned its back on the good people of Kogi state who yearned and voted for change and foisted Mr. Yahaya Adoza Bello AKA ‘Fair Plus’ on them.

Unfortunately, despite the lofty promises Mr. Bello made at his inauguration to the good people of the state, and in spite of the hope many indigenes placed on his administration, most would soon become disappointed with his leadership as all loyal APC member was ostracized by the new government.

On resumption of office, Mr. Bello did everything in his power to rubbish the hardwork of APC supporters on whose sweat he rode into office. After he had succeeded in dealing ruthlessly with them he turned to the civil servants in the state and gave them a taste of the Bello-bitter pill.

When Mr. Bello assumed office in 2016, APC boasts of having the three senators from the state in its fold. However, the governor worked to get Mohammed Ohiare of Kogi Central and Abubakar Abdulrahaman ‘Railway’ out of the red chambers.

The remaining APC senator, Mr. Melaye who had earlier praised the governor to high heavens was hunted out of the APC into the PDP. The Haddy Ametuo-led APC executives were declared persona non grata in their own state, he succeeded in pushing them out of the party too.

Of all the treachery and misrule ongoing in Kogi state, the nonpayment of workers’ salary ranks highest. This malady has been the harbinger of all and every other woe that has befallen the people of Kogi state.

The unfortunate and preventable death of 54-year old Grade Level 16 Officer in the Kogi State Teaching Service Commission, Mr. Edward Sodje who was owed 11 months’ salary arrears as at the time he took his life shook the entire nation on October 20, 2017. His death was one out of the many preventable deaths that has trailed the history of the state in the last 3years.

Unfortunately, Two days later, the state government denied owing Mr. Sodje eleven months salary arrears but rather nine months salary arrears only! What crass irresponsibility!

Again, most appalling is the news that imported military ware was intercepted by the Nigerian Customs in March last year. The general believe is that the Kogi state government was responsible for the illegal importation of the military gear.

One Mr. Jerry Omadara, who is the S.A. Security to Governor Bello of Kogi state was said to have gone to the Customs officers and told them that the items belonged to the Kogi state government and even gave them his complimentary card. Till today, nothing is heard about the imported wares again.

But come February 23, 2019 Kogites will be in their respective polling units to vote enmass. The sole aim of their votes this year is to ensure that they help to keep President Muhamadu Buhari out of power.

Now, for all its worth, Kogites do not hate Mr. Buhari. On the contrary, one would want to believe he means well for this country. But Kogites will help in voting him out because for the last 3years he has hobnobbed with the cause of treachery, misrule, wickedness and above all hypocrisy in Kogi State.

By helping to vote Mr. Buhari out of power, Kogites will be doing their beloved state a great service by riding it of ‘the virus’ inflicted on it by APC and President Muhamadu Buhari.  This is because the only thing emboldening the state governor to continue in his impunity in Kogi state is his closeness to the President sadly, Mr. Buhari has repeatedly turned a deaf ear to the people’s cries.

Rather than hearken to the cries of the people the president is busy empowering the governor to further terrorize the people so that he can have his second term in office and like he told the people of Osun state leave Kogites to our fate.

Already, the wanton killings going on in the state and the mayhem currently being unleashed is a testimony to the evil ploy that has been perfected to further subjugate the will of the people.

Now, say why should any Kogite vote for President Muhamadu Buhari’s second term; So that Bello will continue his reign of atrocities in the state while flaunting his closeness to PMB as his security? God forbid!

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