Speak with one voice, Emirate people advised

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The people of Kwara State particularly, Ilorin Emirate have been enjoined to continue to maintain the peace, unity and harmony of the state before, during and after the general elections.

The Magaji Nda of Ilorin, Alhaji Soliu Woru-Muhammed gave the charge today at press briefing on the need for the peaceful conduct of the forthcoming general elections.

Alhaji Woru-Muhammed noted that Sheikh Alimi, his successors who were emirs of Ilorin Emirate, the religious leaders, Ulamas and other past heroes laboured very hard to build the pride of the community as the emirate legacy of speaking with one voice which has been the source of power in the country.

He called on people of Ilorin Emirate to defend the unity, social security, cultural heritage and not to allow to be vulnerable to external political influence, manipulation and slavery.

The Magaji Nda said the Kwarans should not allow the state to destabilize as being canvassed and planned by the enemies of the emirate.

He tasked community leaders, political leaders, youths in Ilorin Emirate to settle their misunderstanding within themselves not to expose themselves to public ridicule.

According to him “We cannot confront more challenging period than this in the history of our existence as a united and progressive people.

“This however, means that IEDPU must stand up stronger, Emirate Chiefs, council of Ulamas must rise up to the task, intellectuals and all egg heads as well as women and youth groups must not adopt lackadaisical attitude to the problem”.

Alhaji Woru-Muhammed implored those concern to embrace dialogue in the interest of the general well-being for the development of the state.

He also advised security agents to ensure the safety of life and property of the citizen and continue to maintain the peace and harmony towards having successful elections in the state.

The Magaji Nda however enjoined the Independent National Electoral Commission to provide adequate materials for the electorates to make the exercises acceptable by all.

He also advised the commission to be impartial and discharge its constitutional responsibility without fear or favour in order to conduct a successful exercise.

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