I will provide a level playing ground to all –CP Egbetokun

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The newly deployed Commissioner of Police to Kwara State, Kayode Egbetokun has pledged to provide a level playing ground to all in the state.

Egbetokun made the pledge yesterday during a press briefing at the Police headquarters of the state command.

The new commissioner disclosed that he was in kwara to discharge his official duties with vigour and integrity, stressing that his official responsibilities has nothing to do with where he had worked before.

Egbetokun stated further that he believes in the rule of law and principle of equity and justice, expressing hope that his stay in kwara will be fruitful.

He added that he was in kwara to read the state of criminals and provide avenue for law and order, saying that criminals in kwara have two options during his rein as commissioner, either to change their minds and become law abiding citizens or relocate out of kwara. He said there is no hiding place for criminals.

Reacting to the protest by some people against his posting to kwara, Egbetokun said protest is a fundamental human right so long it is peaceful, pointing out that police is ever ready give protection to protesters of peaceful protest even if the protest is against him.

He called on kwarans to support the Nigerian police in its efforts to restore law and order, and warned that the law of the land will be meted on any violator of the laws irrespective of status in the society.

Egbetokun however alley the fear of people ahead of President Buhari’s visit to Kwara today Monday, adding that the visit will be a smooth and pleasant experience to everyone.


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