2019 Presidential poll: Why kwarans must ensure Atiku’s victory—Ali Ahmad

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The Kwara state coordinator of Atiku Abubakar campaign organisation, Dr Ali Ahmad, on Friday stressed the need for every single Kwaran to be a volunteer for the Atiku/ Obi presidency in other states of the federation.

Ahmad stated this at the official opening of Kwara state campaign office of the Peoples Democratic Party’s (PDP) presidential candidate in Ilorin, the state capital.


Ali who is the Speaker of the Kwara state House of Assembly said supporting the aspiration of Atiku Abubakar is sacrosanct because of the ” possibilities lying ahead of us all.”

Saying that the All Progressives Congress (APC) led federal government has disdain for Kwara, Ahmad asked rhetorically ” since the last time they came here for campaign in 2015 and we voted them in, they have visited so many states they consider important uncountable number of times, how many times have they come to Kwara since then, if we are important?

” But Kwara is very much important to PDP and, for example, you can count the unprecedented number of Kwarans in the Atiku/ Obi national presidential campaign organisation in Abuja. Indeed, the Director General is your son. How many Kwarans are in the other parties and what is the highest office they occupy? Of all the political parties in Nigeria, which one accords Kwara the highest regard and respect?

” Even before the first ballot is cast, the number three position in the country, that is the presidency of the Senate of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, has been ceded to us Kwarans by the other 35 states. That is a monumental privilege and never a right. And we all know what comes with that privilege to the state as a whole. PDP is the only party that has done that. ”

Ahmad said the PDP presidential candidate, as an entrepreneur has what it takes to provide employment opportunities for the teeming unemployed youths in the country.

He added: ” His( Atiku) government will provide enabling environment for business to thrive and that would automatically attract investors to the country. Since government cannot provide jobs for every individual, the best it can do is to create conducive atmosphere for companies to grow and absorb more Nigerians while the nation’s economy will be better for it. This is what Atiku Abubakar stands for.

“Having shared with you our resolve to continue to engage undecided Kwarans on the need for an Atiku/ Obi presidency, I hereby enjoin Kwarans and Nigerians to vote wisely and ensure Alh Atiku Abubakar secure the mandate to lead the country to greatness. We cannot afford to let this opportunity slip by. In four years time, we should be counting our blessings and not wallowing in abject poverty. We should use our votes to send incompetent and incapable government away. They have been tested and have failed millions of Nigerians.”


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