LIfe and time of Professor Hashir Abduls-salam

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Late Professor Hashir Abduls-salam


His Birth and Education

Late Professor HashIr Adekanmi Abdul-Salam was born in Otan Ayegbaju, Osun state in the south west of Nigeria in 1953. He studied the Quran under the tutelage of his brother Shaykh Sulaiman in Otan ayegbaju. He attended Nawairudeen Primary School where he obtained First School Leaving Certificate and afterwards enrolled in Al-Ma’had Al-Azhary Arabic School, Ilorin Kwara State where he obtained I’dadiyyah Senior Secondary School Certificate in 1972.


On the instruction of his teacher, Shaykh Muhammad Kamalud-deen Habeebullahi Al-Adaby, Professor Hashir furthered his educational career at the Abdullahi Bayero College, Kano (an affiliate of Ahmad Bello University, Zaria) where he obtained Diploma Certificate in Arabic, Hausa and Islamic Studies.


As a man who was endowed with zeal for knowledge and scholarship, he bagged his First Degree in Islamic Studies in 1982, his M.A. (Islamic Studies) in 1985 and his PhD (Islamic Studies) in 1998, all in the University of Ilorin.



Right from the time when he was undergoing his I’daddiyah at Al-Azhary, his ingenuity was prominent among his peers, as he was chosen to lead them in the school rhymes because of his retentive memory. He was also an exemplary in according people due respect and holding them in high esteem as this earned him a natural and unquantifiable love among his colleagues at work and beyond.


He outshone his fellow students in many subjects considered to be extremely difficult by Arabic students, such as Arabic Syntax and Morphology. His co-students in the university testified to this fact.


Professor Hashir was extraordinary tolerant, accommodating and hospitable in nature to the extent that he related with people of different ages, backgrounds and ideology, an act that earned him love, trust and affection of Muslims and Non-Muslims among his co-workers.


Professor Hashir’s kindness was extended to his students whom he always encouraged to continue enduring until they achieve success in life.


Professor Hashir Abdus-salam began his academic career at the University of Ilorin where he was appointed as Assistant lecturer in 1995 and rose to the rank of Professorship in 2017.



Professor Hashir occupied many prestigious positions both in the University and public places some of which are:

*Assistant Editor, NASR, UNILORIN from 1997 to 2002
*Assistant Secretary-General, NASR, UNILORIN from 1998 to 2002
*Secretary-General, Hilal Islamic Center, Ilorin, Nigeria from 1999 till his death
*Chairman, Muslim Community High School, Otan-Ayegbaju from 1999 till his death
*Examiner, JAMB (not UTME) from 1999 till his death
*Vice-Chairman, Otan-Ayegbaju Progressive Union from 2002 to 2004
*Treasurer, Journal of Arabic and Religious Studies, Unilorin from 2003 to 2007
*Chief Moderator, IJMB, ABU Zaria from 2005 till his death
*Ag. Head of Department of Religious, University of Ilorin from 2008 to 2010
*Sub-Dean, Faculty of Arts, University of Ilorin from 2011 to 2013
*Ag. Head of Department of Religious, University of Ilorin, from 2015 till his death
He was before joining the University of Ilorin:
*Lecturing at Kwara State College of Technology (KWARAPOLY) from 1983 to 1992
*Chairman, MSSN, Kwara State Chapter from 1983 to 1992
*Secretary-General, NACOMYO, Ilorin from 1988 to 1922
*Treasurer, NACOMYO, Kwara State Chapter from 1992 to 1996
*Dean, School of Shariah and Common Law, Kwara State College of Arabic and Islamic Studies (CAILS) from 1993 to 1995
*Lecturing at CAILS from 1993 to 1995


Professor Hashir was a great Islamic teacher and preacher who spent most part of his life performing these two noble assignments. He was widely known and called “Mallam Hashir” after his intimate colleague, Professor Abdulganiyy Abdus-salam Oladosu, who normally addressed him as “Mallam Hashir”.


He attended many academic and religious conferences and workshops within Nigeria and abroad. Late Professor Hashir died on Friday, July 27, 2018.


The late Professor was survived by wives, children and grand children. May Allah admit him into Jannat Al-firdaos and uphold his family after his demise. Aamiin.

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