Read family’s comment to Emir over appointment of Daudu Malete

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The family of newly turbanned Daudu Malete in Moro Local Government, Alhaji Ibrahim Baba Alado has commended the Emir of Ilorin, Alhaji Ibrahim Sulu Gambari over his appointment and turbanning.


The commendation was contained in a statement issued by Alhaji Issa Olarewaju Belko Ajeje on behalf of the Belko family.


The statement described the appointment of newly turbanned Daudu Malete, Alhaji Ibrahim Baba Alado as popular opinion of the people of the district.


The statement appreciated the emir for the confidence reposed in the new Daudu Malete, promising that new district head would not disappoint the people’s trust.


It further thanked entire Abubakar Bazambo family and other stakeholders who have contributed in one way or the other to his appointment and turbanning.


The new Daudu Malete belongs to the lineage of late Abubakar Bazambo (Beribepo) who gave birth to seven children including Sule Daudu Baba Onibudo, Ibrahim Ile Agbede, Zulu, Khalilu Baba-Agba Ile Ajeje, Abdulsalam Kawu Idiape, Saadu Ile Elesu and Issa Kawu Eleye.


One of Abubakar Bazambo’s children, Khalilu Baba-agba gave birth to four children including Belko, Dotiha, Abioye Adamu and Memudu. Dotiha and Abioye gave birth to Popoola and Dazuki respectively, while Belko was blessed with three son including Alhaji Kola Yusuf, Ibrahim Baba Alado who is the new Daudu Malete and Alhaji Issa Olarewaju Belko Ajeje.

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