Kwara: My guber ambition sacrosanct, says Ajia

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A 2019 governorship aspirant of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in Kwara State, Alhaji Mohammed Ibrahim Ajia, has reaffirmed his commitment to the race ahead of the primaries of the party.

Ajia said his interest in the gubernatorial race was informed by the quest to transform Kwara for rapid economic prosperity, build and consolidate on the achievements of past governors of the state.

The governorship hopeful, who spoke at a meeting convened by Concerned Emirate PDP Elders Forum in Ilorin at the weekend, said his aspiration remained sacrosanct.

The forum chaired by Alhaji Abdulkadir Oba Ajara organised the meeting to ascertain the preparedness of the gubernatorial aspirant for the covetous seat.

He stated that the 51 years old state was blessed with human and material resources that have not been fully harnessed for the common good of the people, promising to mobilise resources internally to address peculiar needs and fund capital projects for infrastructure development.

Ajia said part of his blueprint was to embark on wealth creation and make local government financial independent and assured that monies accrued to the third tier of government would be used for development.

He pointed out that his blueprint would ensure that youths are engaged and in turn reduce crime in the society.

Ajia, founder of Mohammed Ajia Ibrahim Foundation that has touched hundreds of lives across the state,  expressed confidence of clinching the gubernatorial ticket of the PDP, saying that he has what it takes to preside over the affairs of the state.

The governorship aspirant also stated that the PDP was poised to rule the country from 2019 because the APC led government had dashed the hope of Nigerians.

“Our mission is for a new Kwara, a Kwara where a son of nobody can become somebody, a Kwara with economy that works for everybody even the rural women, a Kwara where the local governments have infrastructure; that is what we desire by a new Kwara. A kwara for All.

“I was invited to the meeting of Concerned Emirate PDP Elders Forum. At the meeting, I was able to explain to them what the mission and my blueprint for a new Kwara is about and at the end of the day, elders were impressed and gave me a nod and promised to do all that it takes to support my ambition.

“My concern about this state is to create wealth across the state. One of my key agenda is to ensure that the local governments have financial independence so that whatever money allocated to them goes to them, so that those monies can be used to develop every local government and when the development is going on in local government, the youth would be engaged and the crime would reduce.

“In doing that, we are also solving insecurity. Like you know, security is also part of our agenda and also improving our infrastructure across the state and then of course, economic empowerment. We would overhaul the health sector. The schools would become better than they are now. I have been able to review all the past administrations from 1999 till date, we have seen their performances, we have seen where they stopped, we would try to build on it.

“Like you know, government is continuation. The essence of our aspiration is when you have identified where some other people stopped, it is for you to come and build on it so that we can take Kwara to the level we think it deserves. At the end of the meeting, they were all convinced and promised to do all it takes to ensure my victory come 2019.

“I remain in PDP because I know that no one else can take the (governorship) ticket other than me. I have all it takes. I have checked the data of registration of voters. The highest registered voters are within my age grade. From 40 to 18, they have over 60 percent registration capacity. This alone is enough for me to be comfortable in going to any election. And for me, I’m calling on all PDP in Kwara State to do all they can do and rally round support for me so as to ensure victory for our party in 2019 general election.

“Because it is not just going to election, it is going with the right candidate. Everywhere in the world now, we are talking about the youth and young people. So, it is our time now and I feel that PDP too would not make any mistake but supports a youth candidate.

“I am a PDP member and I would remain a PDP member. The time I was supposed to leave the party, I never left the party when everybody was leaving because they were feeling that there would be dominance when the bigwigs of the country comes into the party. But for me, I see that as an opportunity and  progress because their coming is to give us  grand avenue to win the state.

“So, for me, I am not considering not winning the primary election. I have all it takes. I have been on the ground in this party putting things in order. Politics is a game of number. We will go into the election and I am sure, I will emerge by the Will of Almighty Allah .Ajia said.

Kwara PDP governorship aspirant, Alhaji Mohammed Ibrahim Ajia (middle) with the Chairman, Concerned Emirate PDP Elders Forum, Alhaji Abdulkadir Oba Ajara and other members during a meeting with the forum in Ilorin..weekend
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