Ritual killing is a grevious offence—Imam Hassan

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The usage of human parts or whole body for money rituals has been described as a grevious offence in the sight of Allah and an ungodly act that is against human dinity and respect

The Imam of Munfa’atu Aduke Akanbi Memorial Mosque, Agbadam road, Ilorin, Imam Muhammed Hawwal Hassan made this known on Friday (March 30, 2018) in his Juma’at sermon held at the Mosque, Agbadam road, off Ahmadu Bello way, G.R.A.Ilorin, the kwara state capital.
Imam Hassan said Islam is a religion with high repect for human dignity and sancity, saying that the same respect and honoure should also be accorded the dead ones.
Governor Abdulfatah Ahmed (right) exhanging pleasantaries with Justice Mustapha Akanbi (rtd) shortly after Jumaat prayer.
He explained that Allah in Quran 17 verse 70 said in a clear term that He indeed conferred honour and dignity on the children of Adam and provided them sustenace out of good things in life and favoured them far above most creation.
He described ritual kilings as a blantant commission of offence that attracts severe purnishment, warning that God has promised to deal decisively with he who sells or buys human parts for any reason.
He called on residents of Ilorin and Kwara state in general to act and behave in accordance with Allah’s injunction, pointing out that hell fire awaits those who turn against the directives of Quran and Sunnat of the Prophet Muhammed.
L-R DVC Management Services, University of Ilorin, Prof. B.F. Sulaiman, Professor Muhammed Akanbi after Jumaat prayer at G.R.A. Ilorin on Friday
The jumaat prayer was attended by the state Governor Dr Abdulfatah Ahmed, the Secretary to the State Government (SSG) Alhaji Isiaka Gold, Justice Mustapha Akanbi (rtd), the newly appointed Deputy Vice  Chancellor Management Services , University of Ilorin, Professor Bolaji Abdulfahi Sulaiman, among other govenment functionaries and some notable Islamic Scholars across the state.
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